Redeat Hailu

Class of 2026
Major: Computer Engineering
Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
High School: Montgomery Blair High School

What Made You Decide to Attend UMD?

I choose UMD because of the many opportunities UMD and the Clark school of Engineering had to offer and the student life. I also valued the proximity to home and DC which increases the opportunities for internships. 

Best Experience with a Class or Project

This is my first semester so I haven't gotten the opportunity to make an amazing experience with a class or project but I know I will and look forward to it!

Favorite Class In Major

CMSC 131: Object-Oriented Programming I

Favorite Class Out of Major

STAT 400: Applied Probability and Statistics I

Student Organizations/Extracurricular Activities

FIRE: The First-Year Innovation & Research Experience

Favorite On-Campus Event

My favorite On-Campus Event is Maryland Day. I have been coming for as ling as I remember and I look forward to it each year. It was one of the many reasons I choose to attend UMD.

Favorite Research or Study Abroad Experiences

I haven’t done gone abroad or done research yet but I am excited to get started next semester! 

Cool Engineering Experience

Designing a project for ENES 100 and getting the change to work hands on.