Delia Fishburne

Class of 2025
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Minor: STEP, GEL
Hometown: Millersville, Maryland
High School: Severna Park High School
What Made You Decide to Attend UMD?
I decided to attend UMD because I felt a sense of community and belonging before I even got onto campus. I was excited by all the opportunities the engineering school had to offer, such as Terrapin Works and Society of Women Engineers. I got to know the Women in Engineering staff at UMD through a virtual data analysis internship senior year of high school, who made my decision to attend UMD an easy one. Additionally, I was invited to join College Park Scholars, where I excitedly chose to participate in the Public Leadership program. 
Best Experience with a Class or Project
In ENES100, my group did our best to build a robot to complete our mission and after all our hard work, our Over-Terrain Vehicle (OTV) caught on fire 10 minutes before we had to present it. The entire project was an incredible bonding experience and something we laugh at when we think back to this day. I met my future roommate and best friends in my major. This project just goes to show that you learn by doing and even when things don't go as planned it's because something better happened that you couldn't have predicted.
Favorite Class In Major
ENES 232 - Thermodynamics
Favorite Class Out of Major
ENES 240 - Intro to Science, Technology, Ethics, and Policy
Student Organizations/Extracurricular Activities
College Park Scholars Alum, ClarkLEADER, Terrapin Works, Survivor UMD
Favorite On-Campus Event
My favorite UMD event is Maryland Day! It's so fun to see what all the engineering departments showcase. Last year I got to see the 10 ft fire tornado for the first time and Spot the robotic dog.
Favorite Research or Study Abroad Experiences
I am really looking forward to going to Madrid during the spring semester. I can't wait to explore Europe and try new foods while keeping up with my engineering classes.
Cool Engineering Experience
My favorite engineering experience was during my internship last summer where I worked on mechanical systems in buildings. I learned all about HVAC while working on projects. When I took thermodynamics the next semester I was able to apply my hands-on experiences from my internship to the material I was learning in class. My favorite part of engineering is when all the pieces come together and HVAC has so many systems working together, so I loved becoming familiar with that in and out of the classroom.
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