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Student Stories - Terps at Work


Last summer (2018) we launched our new website, and we quickly realized that we needed photographs of Clark School students at work (see some of the top photos, below).

Want to see your own photograph and story on our website?  You can submit your photos and information about your internship here,

  • Photos must be high-resolution.  (Select "actual size" on your phone, not small, medium. or large.)
  • There are 2 potential uses for your photos.  The first is for a general photo on our website.  This can include a photo of your company's building/signage, a project you are working on, or a photo of you on site.  Think about what you would like to see on a website.
  • Answer some questions for us so that we can create a "student story" based on your internship experience, something like,

Cristian Castro, a junior Mechanical Engineering major, interned at BG&E in Baltimore, MD.  Pictured with  Aditya Gupta, also a junior Mechanical Engineering major. 

BGE Summer Internship Photo

Cristian Castro at BGE's mural gas tanks at Baltimore's southern gateway.

Ramin Rafizadeh, a senior Aerospace Engineering major, interned at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology located in Pasadena, CA.

Ramin Rafizadeh JPL

Mission Control at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Omer Bowman, a sophomore Mechanical Engineering major, interned at Vectored Photonics in Jerusalem, Israel.

Omer Bowman Vectored Photonics

Omer Bowman at Vectored Photonics