Intern/Co-op Awardees | A. James Clark School of Engineering, University of Maryland

2020 Outstanding Intern/Co-op Awardees


Alison Kriz

Alison Kriz

Alison is a senior materials engineering student who interned for Fourth Dimension Engineering.  According to her supervisor, Alison is intelligent, hardworking, and meticulous and she worked tirelessly on mission critical tasks.  Her ability to adapt, learn new skills, and apply her engineering fundamentals makes her an invaluable member of the team and an absolute pleasure to work with.  Furthermore, Alison has set the standard for quality engineering communication skills.  Her emails to external collaborators and vendors have been concise, clear, and professional while conveying complex engineering concepts and problems.


Garrett Greenwall

Garrett Greenwell

Garrett is a senior mechanical engineering student who interned at M.C. Dean.  According to his supervisor, Garrett went above and beyond what is expected of an intern, making the workload for the rest of us more managebale .  And in fact, under my supervision, Garrett was recently in charge of closing out a $2.5 million job.. This level of responsibility is rarely given entry-level engineers much less interns.  Garrett is a very determined and driven and utizlizes a range of skills from critical thinking to interacting with contractors in the field. We hired 11 interns last summer but only invited 2 to continue working throughout the semester, Garret was one of them.


Matt Black

Matthew Black

Matt is a senior electrical engineering student who worked at a full-time co-op at Harley-Davidson.  According to his supervisor, Matt has an outstanding work ethic and the patience to stick with a task until the desired outcome is achieved.  He is willing to follow-up to gather additional technical details to identify root causes and and complete the verification testing.  In addition, Matt has a willingness to learn and expand his tool set to further his own development and the program’s success.  He even extended his co-op to be able to participate in the kick-off of a next generation project.  Based on Matt's performance, we extended him a full-time job offer and are thrilled that he accepted.


James Hall

James Hall

James is a junior aerospace engineering student who worked as a full-time co-op at GE Aviation.  According to his supervisor, James is smart, driven, loves the industry, and wants to make a difference in the world.  His infectious attitude reminded us of why we went into engineering and why we love what we do.  James has a natural curiosity and an innate drive to do a thorough job regardless of what he’s working on.  We treated James as a “short term engineer” and he was given responsibilities that were in line with a new hire. And even at this higher standard, he still went above our expectations.  I would love to hire him after graduation.
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