Meet Our 2020 Recipient

Professor, Manfred Wuttig
Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Dr. Manfred Wuttig is a Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Maryland, College Park, earning his doctorate at Technische Hochschule Dresden and Technische Universität Berlin. He is an internationally recognized expert in the fields of ferromagnetic, ferroelectric and ferroelastic materials; reversible phase transformations, mutiferroics, magnetoelectrics, and nanomagnetism. 

Prof. Wuttig is considered by his colleagues and students as a dedicated and accomplished teacher and advisor of undergraduate and graduate students. As one of his students put it, "He has a remarkable ability to take hard science concepts and bring them to life in an engaging and exciting way, making the class feel more like a performance than a lecture." With this award, Prof. Wuttig was also recognized for tailoring his teaching, from traditional chalkboard lectures to active student learning, so as to best benefit the students in his courses. 


Past Recipients

Note: Prior to 2000, the Poole and Kent Teaching Award for Senior Faculty was known as the Outstanding Teaching Award for Senior Faculty.