Faculty Directory

Pertmer, Gary A.

Pertmer, Gary A.

Associate Professor
Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies
Mechanical Engineering
Maryland Energy Innovation Institute
Center for Risk and Reliability
2129 Martin Hall, Building 088


Ph.D., University of Missouri-Columbia, 1978


  • A. James Clark School of Engineering Senior Faculty Teaching Award


  • American Nuclear Society, Member
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Member
  • American Society for Engineering Education, Member

Nuclear reactor systems design and analysis; reactor safety; and thermalhydraulics (heat transfer and fluid mechanics)

  • Introduction to Engineering Design – Book 9:  Engineering Skills and Hovercraft Missions, J.W. Dally, G.A. Pertmer, and W.L. Fourney, College House Enterprises (2006).
  • Introduction to Engineering Design – Book 8:  Anti-Icing Systems for Highway Bridges, J.W. Dally and G.A. Pertmer, College House Enterprises (2004).
  • Thamire, C., Ainane, S., and Pertmer, G.A., “A Novel Collaborative Program in  
    Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering”, Proc. 2004 ASEE Annual Conference (2004).
  • Garland, M., Mirzadeh, S., Alexander, C.W., Hirtz, G.J., Hobbs, R.W., Pertmer,  
    G.A., and Knapp, F.F., “Neutron Flux Characterization of a Peripheral Target Position in the
    High Flux Isotope Reactor”, App. Rad. & Isotopes, 59, 1 (2003)
  • Schmidt, J., Fines, J, and Pertmer, G.A., “The Teaching Fellows Program:  Undergraduate
    Partners in Teaching”, Proc. 2003 ASEE Annual Conference (2003).
  • Binney, S.E., Krane, K.S., Garland, M.A., Pertmer, G.A., and Mirzadeh, S.,  “Measurement
    of Neutron Cross Sections for Medical Isotopes”, Trans. ANS, 86 (2002).
  • Ainane, S., Pertmer, G.A., and Schmidt, J., “Keeping the Flame Alive:  What Happens
    AFTER the ABET Visit”, Proc. 2002 ASEE Annual Conference (2002).
  • Lent, R., Schmidt, J., Schmidt, L., and Pertmer, G.A., “Exploration of Collective Efficacy
    Beliefs in Student Project Teams:  Implications for Student and Teams Outcomes”, Proc.  2002 ASEE Annual Conference (2002).

Pertmer Appointed Managing Director of Radiation Facilities

Professor will manage 3 facilities, compliance, safety and security.

Minor in Engineering Leadership Established

New option to prepare students for future rolls in education, industry, government.