Five Clark School Faculty Receive National Science Foundation Early CAREER Awards

Five Clark School faculty have received National Science Foundation Faculty Early CAREER Awards. The National Science Foundation CAREER program fosters the career development of outstanding junior faculty, combining the support of research and education of the highest quality in the broadest sense.

The awardees include:

Ella Atkins, aerospace engineering, for her work on State-dependent Resource Management for Integrated Task and Motion Plans.

Ben Shaprio, aerospace engineering and the Institute for Systems Research (ISR) for his work on Feedback Control of Micro-Fluidic Packets and the Bio-Particles Within Them.

Srinivasa R. Raghavan, chemical engineering, for his work on Self-Assembled Light-Sensitive Fluids with Tunable Rheological Properties.

Timothy Horiuchi, electrical and computer engineering and ISR for his work on Adaptive Neuromorphic VLSI for Improving Accuracy and Precision: Modeling Attention for Bat Echolocation,

Elias Balaras, mechanical engineering, for his work on Large-Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Flows with Dynamically Moving Boundaries.

Published June 15, 2005