LinkedIn Learning Skill Development Courses

LinkedIn Learning, formerly, provides free online courses in a variety of technical and behavioral skills that can enhance your resume and round out your skillset. It is free for all University of Maryland students when you log in with your university ( e-mail address. Logging in with your TerpMail account will not work.  Accessing LinkedIn Learning is easiest if you visit this page, and click the red Sign In button.
When you log in with your university ( e-mail address, you will be redirected to CAS multi-factor identification log in. Once you confirm your identity with Duo, you will be automatically logged in to LinkedIn Learning. You will know that it is connected to the university if you see a University of Maryland logo in the top right corner. 
Connect your LinkedIn account to LinkedIn Learning through your settings on LinkedIn Learning. This is important because after you complete a LinkedIn Learning course, you can add a badge to your LinkedIn account to prove that you finished it. 

When should I use LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning is a great tool to use over your breaks to continue developing and practicing technical skills. 
If you are interested in jobs that seek a technical skill that you need, you can use LinkedIn Learning at any point to develop that skill so you can add it to your resume.
If you have an interview coming up, there are a variety of courses directed toward practicing technical and behavioral interview skills.

What LinkedIn Learning courses should I take?

Below, we have a list of recommended courses for career development and for different engineering majors. Of course, you know yourself best and can take whatever classes suit your needs.

Aerospace Engineering


Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Civil Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Fire Protection Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering

Mechanical Engineering