Reshma Ganesh

Class of 2024
Major: Bioengineering
Minor: Business Analytics
Hometown:  Ellicott City, Maryland
High School: Marriott's Ridge High School
What Made You Decide to Attend UMD?
I had several  reasons for choosing to attend UMD. When I received my acceptance letter, I was still undecided about my academic path, deciding  between  engineering or computer science. UMD's has a great reputation in both degrees, so I was reassured that regardless of what path I chose, I would be successful. Additionally, some of my closest friends had chosen to attend UMD and had a great experience. The campus and student life really aligned with what I wanted. Also, the university's location was ideal . Being in such close proximity to Washington, D.C. offered countless opportunities for internships, networking, and in general fun experiences. Plus, UMD was close enough to home which is another perk for me personally.


Best Experience with a Class or Project
During my sophomore and junior years in college, I took part in UMD's Northrop Grumman Challenges and had a great experience. I even managed to win second place in both competitions, which was a pretty cool achievement. In the "Sustainability" challenge, I tackled the problem of food waste by designing and prototyping a  food spoilage detector. It was all about making sure less food goes to waste, and I learned a ton working on that project. Then, in the "Ethics in AI" challenge, I dived into the world of artificial intelligence and developed a way to reduce racial and gender bias in scholarship awards for higher education. Both of these challenges pushed my creative thinking and skill set to the max, and it was a great learning experience, especially as I did these with my friends. 

Favorite Class In Major

Favorite Class Out of Major

Student Organizations/Extracurricular Activities
In terms of engineering, I am currently a member of Engineers without Borders, specifically the Kiryabicooli team. I was a sublead for the Community  group and helped with some events planning. I am also a member and briefly was the Diversity and Inclusion Outreach Chair  for Society of Women Engineers. Outside of engineering, I was previously involved as an on campus Sustainability Ambassador. I also play intramural volleyball!

Favorite On-Campus Event
Maryland Day! There are so many events and things to do.

Favorite Research or Study Abroad Experiences
During the past spring semester, I had the incredible opportunity to study abroad in Madrid, and it truly was an unforgettable experience. Immersing myself in a different culture was eye-opening and enriching. What made it even more special was the chance to explore Europe and reconnect with friends who were also studying abroad. I was also able to meet and make so many friends abroad. I was fortunate to visit around 11 countries, each offering unique and exciting experiences. It was definitely a fun adventure that has left me with cherished memories.

Cool Engineering Experience
During my last internship at Pfizer, I had the privilege of gaining firsthand insights into a major manufacturing process aimed at producing one of the key serums for the COVID vaccine. This experience was undoubtedly one of the coolest engineering moments in my career, as it allowed me to delve deep into the intricate workings of a critical aspect of vaccine development.
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