In their lectures and question-and-answer sessions, speakers share their insights and experiences as well as their lessons and advice, inspiring students and faculty to apply new ideas and approaches to their careers and ideas for new ventures.

The Clark School would like to thank the Whiting-Turner Contracting Company for supporting this lecture series.

Past Lectures

November 2
gel-e: The Commercialization Story of a Novel Biomaterial Developed at the Clark School
Matthew Dowling Ph.D. '10, Chief Scientific Officer and Director, Medcura
October 12

Turning Crazy Ideas Into Reality
Chance M. Glenn '91, Provost, Vice President of Academic Affairs, University of Houston, Victoria;
Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors, The Morningbird Foundation;
Founder, President, and CEO of Morningbird Media

March 30

Finding Your Personal North Stars for A Meaningful Career
Lei Zong, Partner and Senior Manager, Computer Engineering Group, Key Tech

March 14

Journey to the Stars
Kerry Wisnosky, Chief Operating Officer, Quantum Space LLC

November 1

Lucy Strong: Getting top Successful Launch in Spite of a Once-in-a-Lifetime Pandemic
Donya Douglas-Bradshaw, Project Manager for the Lucy Mission

October 20

Blue Origin and the Four Futures of Human Space Flight
Brent Sherwood, Senior Vice President, Advanced Development Programs at BLUE ORIGIN

April 26

The World is Hyperconnected
Bikash Koley (M.S. '97, Ph.D. '00, electrical and computer engineering), Vice President and Head, Google Global Networking; Head, Technology and Strategy, Google Cloud for Telecommunications

March 15

The Opportune Trajectory: an approach in navigating the worlds of spaceflight and entrepreneurship
Lisa Policastri ('00 aerospace engineering), Owner and Chief Operating Officer, Space Exploration Engineering (SEE)

February 17

Your Engineering Education at Work: Using STEM Training to Run a Business
Adam Behrens ('10 chemical engineering; Ph.D. '15 bioengineering), CEO and Co-Founder of Mori

November 9

Funding Life Science Entrepreneurs
Bret Schreiber, Vice President for Life Sciences and Technology at Fulton Bank

April 7

The Only Constant is Change
Sheila Cummings ('95 aerospace engineering), Founder, President, and CEO of Cummings Aerospace, Inc.

March 4

From Mechanical Engineering to Patent Law: A Changed Paradigm in Championing Innovation
Dr. Laleh Jalali ('89 mechanical engineering), Co-Founder, Director, Principal, and Senior Patent Attorney for Alliance IP

October 7

Building Trendsetting Disruptive Technologies: Thoughts and Experiential Lessons
Dr. Anuja Sonalker, Founder and CEO, STEER Tech

October 22

The Student Advantage: Why You Should Start Your Company Today
Joe Sciamanna, Owner, Heliostatix Biotechnology

December 5

Keeping Up With Transformation
Sheila Rohra, Chief Transformation Officer and Chief of Staff to the CEO, NetApp

April 18

Endless opportunities: Thoughts on a growing career fueled by “paying forward”
Tim Regan, President and CEO, Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

February 21

Tech innovation through private equity and venture capital
Ralph E. Taylor-Smith, Managing Director, GE Ventures

November 15

Mission-driven research innovation in the intelligence community
Stacey Dixon, Director, Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity

September 27

Lessons learned by a serial technology entrepreneur over the last 30 years
Ken Lee, Founder and CEO, VanGogh Imaging

May 1

Today's Strategic Cyber Challenge
Dan Ennis, Global Head of Advanced Threat Intelligence, BlueVoyant

April 20

Reaching Across
Lisa Atherton, President and CEO, Textron Systems

March 13

Lessons Learned Over a 34-Year Career
Michael Simon, Co-founder, President and CEO, CroptoniteNXT

September 28

Open Data in the Public Sector: Unlocking Innovation & Enhancing Accountability
Mark Turner, Founder, President, CEO, and Principal Research Associate, Optimal Solutions Group

April 27

M3D: Defining How U.S. Innovators Compete Globally
Michael Armani, Co-Founder and CEO, ‎M3D

March 30

Disruption & Opportunity: Technology Risks in a Fast-Paced Global Technology World
Patrick Antkowiak, Corporate Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Northrop Grumman Corporation

December 1

Foundations for Technological Surprise
Stefanie Tompkins, Director of the Defense Sciences Office (DSO) at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

November 3

Innovation at IBM
Naguib Attia, Distinguished Engineer and VP of IBM Global University Programs

May 12

Will Clean Energy Take Our Economy to the Cleaners?
Kristina M. Johnson, Co-Founder and CEO of Cube Hydro Partners, LLC

April 5

Space 2.0
Matt Desch, CEO of Iridium

March 1

Innovation Physics
Harry Weller, NEA General Partner

November 5

Empathetic Engineering: An Engineer’s Journey
Kevin Apperson, Chief Information Officer of Maxim Healthcare Services

April 23

Welcome to the Third Industrial Revolution: Local Motors and the 3-D Printed Car
Jay Rogers, Co-Founder and CEO of Local Motors

May 5

Research to Results: Translating Research Success in the Lab to Financial Results in the Board Room
S. Gulu Gambhir, Chief Technology Officer, Leidos