Yeung and Srivastava Receive NSF Award

Electrical and Computer Engineering professors Donald Yeung and Ankur Srivastava were awarded a $500,000, three-year grant for their project, "Developing and Applying Reuse Distance Analysis Techniques for Large-Scale Multicore Processors." The award is being funded through the National Science Foundation’s Software and Hardware Foundations (SHF) program within the Division of Computing and Communication Foundations.  Director of Computer Engineering Donald Yeung will be the principal investigator.

SHF supports research addressing key challenges in computer hardware design, including, but not limited to, performance, dependability, reliability, and scalability. This project addresses concerns in multi-core and many-core architecture by exploring several research directions related to multicore reuse distance analysis for loop-based parallel programs. Multicore processors integrate multiple compute units onto the same chip so that multiple tasks can run simultaneously. 

The research will help hardware designers to more effectively analyze and identify bottlenecks in their designs (particularly in a computer's cache memory system), allowing them to remove the bottlenecks from their designs or to develop techniques to target the bottlenecks.

The technology has wide applicability. It can benefit all of the commercial processors that go into future desktops, laptops, servers, and eventually handheld embedded devices.


Published August 3, 2011