Standing in Solidarity with our AAPI Community

A. James Clark School of Engineering Interim Dean Robert M. Briber sent the following email to the Clark School community today:

Clark School Community,

The current COVID outbreak in India and Nepal is a reminder that we — the world community — are in this together.

We are deeply concerned and affected by what’s happening in these countries. Many of us are likely feeling a combination of compassion, sadness, fear and helplessness. Our AAPI community members may be feeling additional stress because of ongoing racism targeted towards them.

This is a time for inclusion and empathy — which are cornerstones of engineering, enabling us to work collaboratively and improve lives. We must call out racism where we see or experience it, and not tolerate it in society, on this campus — or in the Clark School.

Many resources are available:

  • Our Counseling Center is offering virtual therapy and support, weekdays from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.
  • The Counseling Center is also offering a support space for community members to share concerns, thoughts, and feelings, and learn additional coping strategies to manage the wide range of emotions you may be experiencing.
  • AAPI student organizations are creating community and fostering understanding.
  • The Clark School’s DEI resources page has options, too.

We stand in solidarity with our AAPI community. 


Robert Briber, Interim Dean
Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
A. James Clark School of Engineering

Published May 12, 2021