Highlighting Women in Engineering: MAGE Students Divya and Fionna

Photos of Diva and Fionna

Maryland Applied Graduate Engineering students Divya and Fionna Long

As we commemorate Women's History Month, it's crucial to recognize the contributions of women in the tech industry, exemplified by individuals like Divya from Maryland Applied Graduate Engineering at the University of Maryland.

Currently pursuing a Master of Engineering in Software Engineering, Divya is driven by a desire to assume the role of a software product manager upon graduation. “This program offers the ideal blend of technical depth and management skills necessary for achieving this goal,” says Divya.

Thriving in a predominantly male-dominated field hasn't been without its challenges, yet Divya views these obstacles as opportunities for advocacy and change. Drawing inspiration from trailblazers such as Grace Hopper, she remains steadfast in her commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion within the tech landscape. 

“It's rewarding to break stereotypes and contribute to a future where engineering is inclusive and diverse, drawing on the strengths of individuals from all backgrounds,” Divya says. As an undergraduate, Divya championed women in tech as a Webmaster for the ACM-Women International Student Chapter. 

Beyond her academic pursuits, Divya is deeply passionate about leveraging technology for societal benefit. During her personal time, she developed a free job forum “which connected job seekers and recruiters during the pandemic, impacting over 10,000 job seekers and 500+ industry recruiters.” 

From spearheading new online initiatives in her free time to championing women in tech through student organizations, her endeavors underscore a dedication to effecting positive change. “Such experiences fuel my drive to make a difference through technology,” she says.

It's rewarding to break stereotypes and contribute to a future where engineering is inclusive and diverse, drawing on the strengths of individuals from all backgrounds.


Looking forward, Divya remains focused on cultivating inclusive environments within the tech sphere and inspiring future generations of female engineers. She was recently honored with membership to the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society.

Another trailblazer breaking barriers in traditionally male-dominated fields is Fionna Long, who is currently pursuing a Master of Engineering in Project Management at MAGE.

Reflecting on her undergraduate experience in civil engineering at UMD, Fionna found project management to be both fascinating and invaluable in various aspects of her life. "I saw its applications in various areas of my life. Pursuing a graduate education felt like a natural next step for me," she shares.

In a field where women are often underrepresented, Fionna acknowledges the hurdles she faces: having to constantly prove herself and navigate through biases. However, she credits her support network and resilience for helping her overcome these challenges. She reflects, "Being a woman in a male-dominated field has its challenges, but I'm determined to let my results speak for themselves."

Her journey in civil engineering stems from a desire to make a positive impact on society. From a young age, she was drawn to STEM. "My high school engineering teacher and my grandmother and mother inspired me to pursue civil engineering," she says. "Their resilience and support have been invaluable to me."

As Fionna delves into her graduate program, she witnesses a growing wave of women entering STEM fields, contributing to a more diverse and inclusive engineering landscape. Already, she has been able to apply her learnings to her projects, standing out for her unique perspective and skills. She notes, "I'm excited to see more women joining STEM fields. Diversity is essential for innovation and progress."

In honoring the achievements of women like Divya and Fionna, we not only celebrate their individual triumphs but also champion a future where gender parity and inclusivity thrive in the engineering landscape.

Published March 1, 2024