Clark School Professors Win Nanobiotech Grants

Three Clark School faculty members are involved in research projects receive 2009 Maryland Nanobiotechnology Research and Industry Competition Grants of $250,000 each from the State of Maryland.

Bruce Yu (Fischell Department of Bioengineering), in collaboration with the National Institute for Standards and Technology won one of the grants for "Force-Sensitive Nano Networks (FSNN)."

Reza Ghodssi (electrical and computer engineering and the Institute for Systems Research) in collaboration with Chunsheng Wang (chemical and biomolecular engineering) and James Culver at the University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute, won the other for "A Micro-Direct Methanol Fuel Cell with Nanostructured Platinum Catalysts Using the Tobacco Mosaic Virus."

In all, 12 grants were given to researchers across the state.

"These 12 grants will provide critical funding to Maryland companies working to develop innovative life saving technologies for the treatment of cancer and diagnosis of infectious diseases," said Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley.

Published June 8, 2009