Undergraduate Advising & Academic Support is here to support students as they navigate their transfer credits and research opportunities for taking courses off campus.  The purpose of this page is to provide students with resources that will guide them through the course evaluation and transfer credit process.  If you have any questions about the information found on this page, please email transfer_engr@umd.edu.  

The Transfer Credit Services team in the Office of the Registrar is here to help you understand transfer credit policy and to assist you in navigating the transfer evaluation process! Below are some additional tips to better prepare you for transfer to the University of Maryland. 
Prior to orientation, students can review their unofficial transcript to see how their credits have transferred. Incoming credits are posted on a continuous basis depending on when your final transcripts are sent.  Be sure to send in your final transcript(s) from your prior institution(s) and continuously monitor your UMD transcript to ensure that all credits are posted.   
All courses that have been accepted for transfer will be noted, and courses that are listed as credit pending, needs a syllabus, or needs an evaluation (N1 or NE) will require further review to determine transferability.  To learn more about how to interpret your transcript, please visit the Transfer Credit website.
Students can begin the Transfer Credit Evaluation Process at any time by submitting syllabi for review. 
Students with Prior Learning Credit (e.g AP, IB, CLEP, etc) will need to send an official score report directly from the appropriate organization (e.g College Board). Pending receipt of the scores, students can determine how these credits will transfer by viewing the corresponding Prior Learning Credit chart.

Transfer Credit Services (TCS) oversees the evaluation of undergraduate transfer courses for acceptabilityby UMD. It is the academic department (administering the course content) that completes the evaluation to determine the acceptability of the courses for transfer to UMD. A transfer course CANNOT be applied toward satisfying a degree requirement until the course has been deemed acceptable for transfer by the University of Maryland.

Students interested in having UA&AS help them through the course evaluation process, should utilize the following online form to submit course syllabi for review: go.umd.edu/courseeval.  Please note that this form was created by Engineering and is a tool for students to communicate with the transfer engineering advisor.  Official course evaluations must be sent through Transfer Credit Services in order to be posted to student records.

All current University of Maryland students wishing to take a course off campus must submit a Permission to Enroll (PTE) form and have it approved by the A. James Clark School of Engineering PRIOR to registering for courses at another institution.

Information about the PTE process can be found on our website under Forms & Requests