Marne Malone at Engineering and Technical Consultants Inc.
It allowed me to simultaneously work and learn more about structural engineering.
Name:  Marne Malone
Major:  Civil Engineering
Company:  Engineering and Technical Consultants Inc.
Location:  Columbia, MD
How did you find the internship/co-op? What was the interview process like?  I found my first internship through the career fair for civil engineers fall 2021 (for the summer of 2022). I was able to meet my boss , who were at the booth, and get their email to submit my resume. After that, I had an in-person interview. It was a very comfortable place and I was able to talk about my past project experiences as well as related courses. 
What have been the most interesting aspects of your internship?   I enjoyed going to sites and working on investigation projects. We had a client with a propert [where] they were having some kind of issue with their building, and the engineering team was able to come to the site and investigate, creating a report with their recommendations on what to do. This allowed me to use a lot of my engineering skills as well as my critical thinking skills. It allowed me to simultaneously work and learn more about structural engineering.
What campus activities or courses do you think helped you, or would have helped you, with this internship?    ENCE 260 (Project Management), ENCE200 (Civil 3D ) , ENCE 215 (Fluids) and ENES 200 (mechanics)
How would you describe the company culture? What was the most helpful thing your supervisor did to make you feel comfortable at the organization?    I loved all [of] my staff members and they were very helpful. Although many of them were busy on their own projects, they took the time to teach me about reports, drawings, and other important tasks of a project manager. My supervisor made me feel comfortable by checking in on me, as well as giving me reviews on work that I was doing.
How have your career or academic goals changed as a result of this internship experience?    I thoroughly enjoyed the work I was doing and the company, but the internship was able to show me the things I liked and didn't like when working for a civil engineering firm. Since the internship, I have shifted my focus to engineering consulting because of my interest in team projects and product/data analysis.
What advice would you give other UMD engineering students seeking an internship or co-op position?    Make the most out of your time in an internship by fully committing yourself to the job and team. Try and say yes to anything they ask of you! Internships are a student’s opportunity to test-run a career and learn what you like and dont like from a job. Also, try to talk to as many staff members as possible and look for those who may have/had similar interests and career goals as you!