My main role was to complete thermal tests for the Dragonfly Project.
Name:  Marisa Teti
Major:  Mechanical Engineering
Employer:  Johns Hopkins University - Applied Physics Lab
Location:  Laurel, MD
What have been the most interesting aspects of your internship?    I contributed to real world projects which will lead to incredible discoveries about space. Every time I did the smallest task, I got super excited that my small contribution meant a great deal to someone or something or created that chain effect for the next amazing discovery.
What campus activities or courses do you think helped you, or would have helped you, with this internship?    My main role was to complete thermal tests for the Dragonfly Project. Considering I was working in the mechanical group with a thermal focus, my heat transfer class was very applicable to this job.  Also, modelling in CAD is extremely important for any engineering job.
Was there a formal program for all interns at the company? Was peer support available throughout the internship?    At APL, there is an intern coordinator who plans events for 100+ interns. This includes facility tours, guest speakers, and other activities off campus. Additionally, the interns come from all over the country and are eager to explore the DMV area, so making friends and finding things to do outside of work is easy.
How have your career or academic goals changed as a result of this internship experience?    Previously, I completed an internship in civil and environmental engineering which I enjoyed, but I also wanted to try the aerospace field before graduation. That's the great part about studying Mechanical Engineering - you can explore different fields. Now that I have experience in both, I can determine which field is a better fit for my professional career.
What advice would you give other UMD engineering students seeking an internship or co-op position?    Apply everywhere! There's so many internship opportunities for engineers. If there's a company you really like, find a contact and send a direct email rather than applying through a general application.