Lauren Kerlin Clark Construction intern
It’s great to be able to “taste test” different career options before you graduate.
Name:  Lauren Kerlin
Major:  Mechanical Engineering
Company:  Clark Construction
Location:  Washington, DC
How did you find the internship?  I applied through Careers4Engineers.  Then, I networked with friends until I eventually got an interview. 
Why is it important for Terp engineers to seek internship experiences?  It’s great to be able to “taste test” different career options before you graduate.  Internships allow for great practice in the real world, which can prepare you for an actual job.
What new skills did you learn?  I gained a ton of experience in communication through working with other colleagues in different positions.  I learned how to ask questions in order to identify the next tasks I needed to complete.
Would you recommend this internship to other students?  Yes, I would!  I got a lot of hands on experience, and it was nice having more responsibilities.  I also liked Clark Construction because the company is excellent.  They care about their employees.  Everyone there who worked in higher positions were eager to help and give advice.  The CEO sat in during one of our presentations, which surprised me; he was very outgoing and friendly.