Garrett Greenwall
I've been involved in cutting edge practices of modular prefabrication and BIM modeling to create new structures and build off old ones.
Name:  Garrett Greenwell
Major:  Mechanical Engineering  
Employer:  M.C. Dean
Location:  Tysons, VA

What did you learn through this internship?  Some of my personal accomplishments during my time here have been communicating and coordinating with both vendors and our clients, troubleshooting electrical issues and providing engineered solutions in real time, learning the codes and formal aspects of construction, helping deliver documentation needed for large projects, such as creating change orders, submittals, and RFI's, and assisting in manpower based operations.

What did you enjoy most?  Some of my greatest moments were being able to go on-site to our construction projects and learn the more technical aspects of how things are built. Being able to meet and support the people who make the lights come on and keep us warm is exhilarating to say the least.

Garrett's supervisor said:  "My division alone has 11 interns this past summer. We only invited 2 to continue working throughout the semester, Garret being one of them."