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My Cloud Security Intern title didn't restrict me to just working with cloud computing.

Name:  Arathi Sudeesh
Major:  PM - Cybersecurity
Company:  Ancestry
Location:  Lehi, UT

How did you find the internship/co-op? What was the interview process like?  I found this opportunity on LinkedIn. Within 2 weeks of submitting my application, I received the first correspondence for the interview. The talent acquisition team always gave quick responses and made sure the time-zone difference wouldn't be a hurdle. My Interview was conducted by the Director of Risk and Compliance, and a Principal Engineer. I couldn't feel more welcomed and pumped up about joining an organization because throughout the interview they were enthusiastic about my candidacy, and I could see how much they loved contributing to the mission of Ancestry.

What have been the most interesting aspects of your internship?    My Cloud Security Intern title didn't restrict me to just working with cloud computing.  My team helped me break the ice so that I could explore and widen my practical knowledge in different divisions of security like red teaming, incident response, etc.  Apart from work, interns were treated to team-building and fun events like Utah Olympic Park adventure activities, a chocolate making session and Provo River tubing. There was never a dull moment at Ancestry!!

What campus activities or courses do you think helped you, or would have helped you, with this internship?    One major course that helped me ace my interview was Cloud Security because I didn't need to beat around the bush to answer questions and even during the internship it took me less time to figure out solutions because of the in-depth knowledge I gained from this course.

How would you describe the company culture? What was the most helpful thing your supervisor did to make you feel comfortable at the organization?  Ancestry really valued every intern. The work-life balance is amazing, and you get a chance to approach other teams and learn about their contributions to the company's mission. I had 2 mentors who were incredibly supportive and always appreciated my efforts. Some of the seniors stopped by my desk to personally welcome me and even share tips for some of my hurdles.

The view and amenities of the office honestly was cherry on top of the entire experience and made me want to work from the office every day!

Was there diversity among your colleagues within the department and throughout your internship/co-op experience?    Definitely! The entire internship batch had people from various states and different ethnicities. I was glad to see diversity in the security division and I had a chance to learn the stories of some of them which strengthened my belief of how everyone finds their "self" and passion at Ancestry.  We even have a DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) department and an amazing Head - Ashlee Davis promoting the goal for everyone at Ancestry to feel a true sense of belonging.

Was there a formal program for all interns at the company? Was peer support available throughout the internship?  We had a weeklong orientation which covered various aspects like: - Gaining deeper understanding about the mission of Ancestry and how they have helped to change lives, Intern Bootcamps to ensure all interns had a good head start with the tools that'll be mandatorily used, compliance course completions like infosec awareness training, privacy training, code of conduct, etc.

My entire department and intern cohort were a huge support throughout my journey here. I had the confidence to reach out to any one of them with my grievances and could be sure that I would receive their help.