Adam St. John Jensen Hughes intern
Students who’ve done an internship have the extra edge in classes.
Name:  Adam St. John
Major:  Fire Protection Engineering
Employer:  Rolf Jensen & Associates (now Jensen Hughes)
Location:  Laurel, MD

What do you believe are the benefits of working in an engineering co-op/internship position?  Experience.  The experience gained working in the real world can never be recreated in classroom environment.  Students who’ve done an internship have the extra edge in classes; they are motivated to work harder because they have seen the importance of learning and applying specific engineering skills in the real world.  Plus, as an intern, you are provided with the opportunity to display your motivation and skills, often resulting in an offer for a permanent position after graduation.  Participating in an internship or co-op is truly a valuable experience that I would recommend to every engineering student.

Describe any exciting/challenging projects you've worked on at your co-op/internship.  I was provided with the opportunity to inspect the new (at the time) University View apartments in College Park.  This real world field experience allowed me to truly apply the skills I learned in the classroom on a larger scale.

What advice, if any, would you give to other engineering students seeking a co-op or internship?   Do everything you can to stand out from the rest of the applicants.  Whether it is extracurricular activities or additional classes, the key is to catch the attention of the company.  The main reason that I was able to get an internship opportunity as a freshman in the field of Fire Protection is because of my experience as a volunteer firefighter.