Affirming engineers' professional ethical responsibilities

2023 Order of the Engineer Ceremony

Date:  Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Graduating seniors and alumni are invited to the Order of the Engineer Ceremony, where inductees will receive a ring and take the Obligation of the Engineer. Taking the oath symbolizes unity of purpose and lifelong dedication to the profession of engineering. The evening's program will feature a keynote address by Rifat Jafreen (B.S. '06, M.S. '08 Mechanical Engineering). Ms. Jafreen is a Customer Machine Learning Strategist for Amazon Web Services. Following the presentation, inductees and guests will be treated to a dessert reception.

Order of the Engineer

The Order of the Engineer is the roster of engineers in the United States who have participated in an Engineers’ Ring Ceremony and who have publicly accepted the Obligation of an Engineer.

The first Ring Ceremony was then held in 1925 at the University of Toronto. The rings are rumored to have been created from the remains of the Quebec Bridge, which became a source of embarrassment for design engineers when it collapsed in 1907. The rings' purpose was to serve as a reminder of the consequences of failures and that engineers must persist in the pursuit of excellence. There are currently 250 "links" in the United States. The Clark School is Link 137.

Obligation of an Engineer

The obligation is the formal statement of an engineer’s responsibilities to the public and to the profession and is publicly accepted during induction at a Ring Ceremony. The obligation is similar to the National Society of Professional Engineers’ Engineer’s Creed, the Engineer’s Council for Professional Development’s Canon, and the Canadian Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer. It is symbolized by a steel band wear on the small finger of an engineer's working hand.

Eligibility for Induction

Those eligible for induction include:

  • Graduates in engineering from engineering curricula accredited by ABET
  • Seniors in ABET-accredited engineering curricula within two academic terms of graduation
  • Engineering students graduating in any term of the year of the ceremoy
  • Licensed professional engineers
  • Special individuals who, by reason of education, eminence, or experience, are deemed worthy of the order