Faculty News Roundup

Four Clark School faculty members will become full professors on July 1:

Hugh Bruck (mechanical engineering); his research interests include smart materials, nanocomposites and materials processing. In the 2009-10 academic year, he taught a graduate-level class on composite materials and an undergraduate class on engineering materials and manufacturing processes.

Sheryl Ehrman (chemical and biomolecular engineering); her research interests include the formation, characterization, and processing of dry particles (aerosols). She is a Keystone Professor and teaches sections of the Clark School's "Introduction to Engineering Design" class for freshmen.

Greg Jackson (mechanical engineering); his research interests include solid oxide fuels, PEM fuel cells, H2 production, catalytic oxidation, combustion and thermoelectric waste heat recovery. He taught an undergraduate class on thermodynamics last academic year.

Charles Schwartz (civil and environmental engineering); his research interests include pavement design and analysis, advanced soil mechanics, computational geomechanics (including pavement mechanics), and civil infrastructure systems. He teaches undergraduate courses in engineering information processing and pavement engineering.

Additionally, Raymond Sedwick in aerospace engineering and Peter Sunderland in fire protection engineering will be promoted to associate professor as of July 1.

The Fischell Department of Bioengineering has welcomed two new faculty members:

Professor Greg Payne joins the department from the University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute. His research focuses on biofabrication techniques for nanoscale devices. He is currently one of the five co-PIs of the Biochip Collaborative, an interdisciplinary effort to "translate" the communication between biological and microfabricated systems to create biofunctionalized devices.

Associate Professor Benjamin Shapiro joins the department from the Department of Aerospace Engineering. His research is focused on all aspects of miniaturized-system control. He holds joint appointments with the Institute for Systems Research (ISR) and the Maryland NanoCenter, and is affiliated with the Applied Math and Scientific Computation Program.

The following Clark School faculty members have joined ISR as affiliates:

Jaydev Desai (mechanical engineering)
Sean Humbert (aerospace engineering)
Bruce Jacob (electrical and computer engineering)
Derek Paley (aerospace engineering)
Gang Qu (electrical and computer engineering)
Elisabeth Smela (mechanical engineering)

Over the past year, as reported in Engineering@Maryland Magazine, the Clark School has hired three new faculty members:

Amir Riaz (mechanical engineering)

Pino Martin (aerospace engineering)

Stanislav Stoliarov (fire protection engineering)

Published May 24, 2010