Engineers have the unique capability to innovate and design novel systems and products that improve lives throughout communities and the world. Our ultimate goal: transforming fearless ideas into innovations that benefits millions. This is what we call Mpact.

Past Lectures

November 19, 2019

An Innovative Energy Solution for a Carbon Constrained World
Dr. José Reyes
National Academy of Engineering member
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, NuScale Power

April 23, 2019

Fire in Paradise: Aging Infrastructure, Climate Change, and Inequality
Dr. Deb Niemeier
National Academy of Engineering member
Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, School of Education and Biological and Agricultural Engineering, University of California at Davis

October 4, 2018

Three Ages of FPGAs: A Retrospective on the First Thirty Years of Field Programmable Gate Array Technologies
Dr. Stephen Trimberger
National Academy of Engineering member
Program Manager, Microelectronics Technology Office, DARPA
Visiting Research Engineer, Institute for Systems Research