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This prestigious award honors individuals who have made a contribution to the mission and ideals of the A. James Clark School of Engineering. Any non-alumnus who receives the Glenn L. Martin Medal will receive from the Clark School a Lifetime Membership in the University of Maryland Alumni Association and the Clark School and be conferred the status of Terp for Life.

Nominations for 2017 must be submitted by July 7, 2017. Up to five individuals are awarded the Glenn L. Martin Medal each year. The award is presented at the A. James Clark School of Engineering Annual Recognition Dinner in November. 

Nominees must be:

  • Living at the time of their nomination. Nomination will be considered up to five years.
  • Available to attend the awards ceremony. 
  • An individual or couple in whom the alumni, students, faculty, and staff of the Clark School will take pride in and be inspired by their extraordinary spirit and enthusiasm in promoting the Clark School.

Nomineees cannot be: 

  • Faculty or staff of the Clark School
  • Persons currently holding or running for elected state or federal public office in Maryland are not eligible for consideration
  • Full name, address, and telephone number of the nominee.
  • A record of professional experience and noteworthy accomplishments, especially extraordinary contributions. What has this nominee accomplished that no one else has done?
  • Any noteworthy public or professional service accomplishments.
  • Any noteworthy awards won by the candidate, along with a description of the criteria for selection or significance.
  • A résumé, if available, including a list of important contributions, publications, patents, professional experience, and principal technical society memberships and activities.

Past Recipients

Ken BellKenneth R. Bell, P.E., Ph.D.
Dr. Kenneth R. Bell is a Technology Manager for Bechtel’s Nuclear, Environmental and Security Global Business Unit (GBU) located in Reston, Virginia. Dr. Bell joined Bechtel upon obtaining his Ph.D. almost 33 years ago. He started as a staff engineer and advanced through Bechtel’s technical specialist career path as an engineering specialist to principal engineer, and now a Technology Manager. Although the majority of his career with Bechtel has been in the Power GBU, he has also completed three long-term overseas assignments for other GBUs, including a three and a half year assignment in Hong Kong on a rail project, an assignment in New Caledonia on a nickel mining project, and a two year assignment in Trinidad on the Atlantic LNG project. He is currently serving as the lead geotechnical engineer on the proposed two-unit Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Power Plant Project in northwest Wales. Immediately prior to this position, Dr. Bell served in the roles of Chief Engineer for Bechtel’s Geotechnical & Hydraulic Engineering Services (G&HES) group for both the Power and Infrastructure GBUs as well as the Corporate Manager of G&HES. Recognized for his technical expertise, Dr. Bell has been elected as a Bechtel Fellow, an American Society of Civil Engineers Fellow and an ASTM Fellow. He also holds the title of Diplomate through the Academy of Geo-Professionals. Dr. Bell has authored or co-authored over 25 technical papers and has been an adjunct professor at both the University of Maryland and George Mason University. He received his B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. all from the University of Maryland in 1974, 1976 and 1983 respectively. He currently serves as the Chair of the Board of Visitors for the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Dr. Bell has been a registered engineer in the State of Maryland since 1983.

William KoffelWilliam E. Koffel, P.E., FSFPE
William E. Koffel, Jr. is the President of Koffel Associates, an international fire protection and life safety engineering design and consulting firm based in Columbia, MD and recognized as the expert in fire protection and life safety aspect of codes and standards. A tireless leader in the field of Fire Protection, Mr. Koffel has served on many committees, has written dozens of articles and has appeared on national news. Mr. Koffel received his B.S. in Fire Protection Engineering from the A. James Clark School of Engineering in 1979 and his B.A. from Ursinus College in 1978. He is active in the development process of the industry’s governing codes, standards and design guidelines. He currently serves as the President of the Automatic Fire Alarm Association and previously served as the President for the Society of Fire Protection Engineers and on the Board of Governors for the American Association of Engineering Societies. He has won a variety of prestigious awards including the International Code Council Affiliate Award, National Fire Protection Association Committee Service Award, the Society of Fire Protection Engineers Grade of Fellow, the D. Peter Lund Award, the Hats Off Award, President’s Award and John L. Bryan Mentoring Award. At the Clark School, he serves on the Dean’s Board of Visitors and is a member of the Department of Fire Protection Engineering’s Board of Visitors and its Curriculum Advisory Committee.

Jennifer ReganJennifer A. Regan, P.E
Jennifer A. Regan is the CEO of Key Tech, a Baltimore, Maryland technology development firm she co-founded in 1998. Ms. Regan leads corporate strategy and development, manages client relationships, and oversees business development. Key Tech consults to global product companies in medical, industrial and consumer markets, commercializing new technologies into medical devices and precision instruments. Key Tech develops medical products in diverse fields, including molecular and point-of-care diagnostics, drug delivery instruments, pharmacy compounders, surgical tools and wearable patient monitors. Prior to Key Tech, Ms. Regan consulted to global power industry clients for 14 years at MPR Associates in Washington, DC and at Corey Regan Inc., which she also co-founded. Ms. Regan holds patents and has published papers on flow measurement and precision instrumentation design in proceedings of the Instrument Society of America, the American Nuclear Society, and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Outside of Key Tech, Ms. Regan is passionate about advancing engineering education and increasing enrollment in STEM education and careers. She is currently Vice Chair of the Clark School Board of Visitors, and is a proud former member and Chair of the Advisory Board for the Women in Engineering program at the Clark School. She was recently recognized as an International Business Leader by Maryland’s World Trade Center Institute. She regularly mentors students and young professional entrepreneurs in the greater Baltimore and DC technology community. Ms. Regan is a registered Professional Engineer holding a B.S. in Physics from Georgetown University and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from The Catholic University of America. 

Kimberly BrownKimberly A. Brown, Ph.D.
Kimberly Brown is the founder and CEO of Amethyst Technologies, LLC. Amethyst personnel are involved in various functions to develop multiple quality programs for global health, worldwide clinical trials, drug manufacturing, and FDA compliance in emerging infectious disease research to promote drug development for the world’s deadliest pathogens. Her commitment to global health was further demonstrated last year when Amethyst volunteered to train more than 150 healthcare workers in West Africa during the peak of the Ebola outbreak. Dr. Brown began working in the laboratory compliance industry in 1998 as an intern for Cell Systems, Inc. (CSI) while attending the University of Maryland College Park and purchased the contract rights from CSI in 2007. Amethyst was then awarded CSI’s contract to continue providing services to the federal government. Amethyst began with one client and since then has supported more than 15 Department of Defense laboratory programs in the US and Africa, numerous biotechnology companies, and commercial companies including Coca Cola. Currently, Amethyst is expanding their footprint and building four laboratories in West Africa that they will own and operate. Community service and activism is a priority for Dr. Brown. In 2010 and 2012 respectively, she was appointed by the Governor of Maryland to the Maryland Commission for Women and to the Maryland Life Science Advisory Board. Dr. Brown serves on the Anne Arundel Minority Business Enterprise Committee. She also created a non-profit organization, Global Outcomes, Inc., that focuses on global health, STEM education, and economic empowerment in the US and developing countries. She is a current member of the Clark School Board of Visitors and is the immediate past president of the Engineering Alumni Board. Dr. Brown is a Baltimore, Maryland native and a lifetime member of the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute Alumni Association. She obtained a Ph. D. and M.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Maryland College Park and her B.S. from the University of Delaware.

Warren CitrinWarren I. Citrin
Warren Citrin is a successful entrepreneur, technology innovator, and investor who has founded several companies related to telecommunications and defense. Mr. Citrin started his career at the Applied Physics Laboratory where he made numerous important contributions including design and development of automatic signal processing tracking systems for surface and airborne combatant radar systems. Most notably, Mr. Citrin spearheaded the design, development, and integration of the Cooperative Engagement Capability – the US Navy’s premier radar network. In 1996 Mr. Citrin co-founded Solipsys Corporation, a defense contracting company where he was the CEO and member of the board. During his time as CEO, Solipsys grew to over 200 employees with no debt or outside ownership. In 2003, Solipsys was sold to Raytheon. After selling Solipsys Mr. Citrin founded numerous new companies. Most recently, he founded Fractograf LLC, a platform for its mobile app, which allows users to create customized, collaborative, dynamic and sharable worlds of images from photos and videos, along with links to online content from their favorite websites to music, audio, text files, and more. Mr. Citrin has generously supported students from across the Clark School of Engineering and the University of Maryland. In 2007 Mr. Citrin established the Impact Pre-Seed Fund, which offered grants to students who participate in Mtech’s Hinman CEOs, Hillman Entrepreneurs, and the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program. In 2013 Mr. Citrin established the Warren Citrin Graduate Fellowships, which supported four Ph.D. students interested in conducting commercially viable research in the broad area of sustainability. Mr. Citrin is a member of the A. James Clark School’s Board of Visitors. Mr. Citrin received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering in 1973 from the University of South Carolina, and his M.S. degree in Applied Mathematics from SUNY-Stony Brook in 1977. As a recipient of the Glenn L. Martin Medal, he has been inducted in the University of Maryland’s Alumni Association with a Lifetime Membership. We are proud that Warren Citrin is a member of our Terp Family.

Peter EmmonsPeter H. Emmons
Peter Emmons graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park’s Department of Civil Engineering in 1973 and was one of the first participants in the engineering cooperative education (CO-OP) program. In 1974 Mr. Emmons founded and started Structural Preservation Systems, Inc, known today as Structural Group, a services and technologies company specializing in making new and existing structures last longer and be stronger. Their portfolio includes buildings, bridges, and other civil and urban infrastructure. Based in Columbia, Maryland, the company is the leading company in the field in the US and Middle East with more than 2,500 employees. Mr. Emmons has authored a bestselling in dustry book, Concrete Repair and Maintenance Illustrated, published in seven languages. He is the recipient of numerous industry awards and has been named the most influential leader in the concrete industry. Mr. Emmons is a patent holder on more than seven inventions. Mr. Emmons’ industry work includes leading the creation of a code for the repair of concrete structures. Some noted structures Mr. Emmons and his company have worked on include Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, the Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, Baltimore Aquarium, Calvert Cliff Nuclear Plant, University of Maryland’s XFinity Center, the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, in Dubai and armoring of the new One World Trade Center in Manhattan. For weekend fun Mr. Emmons builds hobbit houses, stone arch bridges, zip lines, waterfall trails and restores historic homes.

Robert DeutschRobert W. Deutsch
Robert W. Deutsch began his entrepreneurial career in Maryland in 1966 when he founded the General Physics Corporation to serve federal agencies and major U.S. corporations in the nuclear power industry. A product of New York City public schools, Bob Deutsch returned from serving in the U.S. Army in Europe during World War II and enrolled at MIT, graduating with a degree in physics and going on to UC Berkeley, where he received his Ph.D. in nuclear physics in 1953. By 1980 General Physics had grown into a national leader in training and technical consulting services for nuclear power generation and expanded into Europe, the Middle East and Asia. When Dr. Deutsch left in 1988, General Physics employed over 1,000 engineers and scientists in the U.S. and abroad. But “Dr. D,” as he was known to his colleagues and friends, was not ready to retire. Within a year after leaving General Physics, Dr. D. launched RWD Technologies to pursue a bolder, broader vision of how advanced engineering and technological systems would continue to transform industries, including manufacturing, distribution, financial services, healthcare and beyond. Prior to Gaikai, Iribe spent a decade as co-founder and CEO of Scaleform, the top rated user interface technology provider in the video game market, which Autodesk acquired in 2011. Earlier in his career, Mr. Iribe worked as a game programmer and helped the Firaxis team develop the user interface for Civilization IV, a game that went on to sell millions of units and win multiple awards. While leading RWD Technologies as its Chairman and CEO for 21 years, Dr. D. grew the corporation to achieve $221 million in revenues in 2008 with 1,500 employees worldwide.

Janett EppsJeanette J. Epps 
Jeanette J. Epps is a NASA astronaut and former CIA Technical Intelligence Officer. She was selected in July 2009 as one of 14 members of the 20th NASA astronaut class. She has recently graduated from Astronaut Candidate Training that included scientific and technical briefings, intensive instruction in International Space Station systems, Extravehicular Activity (EVA), robotics, physiological training, T-38 flight training and water and wilderness survival training. In 2014, Epps served as an aquanaut aboard the Aquarius underwater laboratory during the NEEMO 18 undersea exploration. A NASA Fellow during graduate school, Dr. Epps authored several highly referenced journal and conference articles describing her research. Her research involved extensive testing of composite swept-tip beams, comparative analysis of analytical models and experimental data for shape memory alloys and the application of shape memory alloy actuators for tracking helicopter rotor blades. After completing graduate school, Dr. Epps spent more than two years working at Ford Motor Company as a Technical Specialist in the Scientific Research Laboratory. In 2002 Dr. Epps joined the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) where she spent more than seven years working as a Technical Intelligence Officer. She received multiple performance awards for her work at the CIA. Dr. Epps received the NASA GSRP Fellowship 1996-1997, 1997-1998 and 1998-1999; the NASA Exceptional Performance Award 2003, 2004 and 2008; and was inducted into the University of Maryland, Department of Aerospace Engineering, Academy of Distinguished Alumni 2012. She is a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and the Society for Science & the Public. She received a B.S. degree in physics from LeMoyne College in 1992 and M.S. and Ph.D. in aerospace engineering from the University of Maryland in 1994 and 2000, respectively.

Emilio FernandezEmilio A. Fernandez, Jr. 
Emilio A. Fernandez, Jr. is the Managing Director of Pulse Capital LLC, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Wabtec and former President, CEO, and co-founder of Pulse Electronics, Inc. Mr. Fernandez started his career in the railroad industry. In 1977 he and UMD classmate Angel Bezos, co-founded Pulse Electronics to produce electronic monitors and control systems for the railroads, which was acquired by Wabtec (formally The Westinghouse Air Brake Company) in 1995. In 1989 Mr. Fernandez organized a group of scientists and engineers and formed a second company, Pulse Medical Instruments, an organization devoted to the development of screening instruments that detect neurological variations, which are indicative of worker impairment. Since then Mr. Fernandez has established six new ventures covering a broad spectrum of technology. Mr. Fernandez holds a B.S. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Maryland and a M.S. degree in engineering administration from George Washington University. Mr. Fernandez serves or has served on many boards, including the Board of the Foundation for a Creative America, the Hispanic Leadership Council, the Board of Trustees of the George Washington University, as Chairman of the George Washington Medical Center, the Hispanic Business College Fund, Inc., the Board of Trustees of the University of Maryland College Park Foundation, the Board of the Smithsonian Institution Washington Council, the Board of the National Museum of American History, and the Board of Visitors of the A. James Clark School of Engineering. He has been awarded numerous patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, including the technology behind the ubiquitous e-readers. He and his wife live in McLean, Virginia, and are the parents of two grown children.

Naomi LeonardNaomi E. Leonard
Naomi E. Leonard is the Edwin S. Wilsey Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and associated faculty member of the Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics at Princeton University.  She is also Director of Princeton’s Council on Science and Technology and an affiliated faculty member of the Program in Quantitative and Computational Biology and the Princeton Neuroscience Institute. Her research and teaching are in nonlinear control and dynamics and in particular the development of rigorous and systematic approaches to examine and design feedback and interconnection in complex, dynamical systems. Her recent focus is on mechanisms of collective motion and collective decision-making for multi-agent systems in nature (analysis of animal and human groups) and in engineering (design of robotic teams). She has applied her work to collective sensing strategies for mobile sensor networks and led a multidisciplinary ocean sensing project with a month-long deployment of an automated, adaptive network of underwater robotic vehicles in Monterey Bay, CA. She has studied the collective dynamics of killifish, starlings, honeybees, and caribou, and has explored what happens when dancers use structured improvisation modeled after flocking. She is proud of the many undergraduates, the 24 graduate students and the 11 post-doctoral researchers with whom she has worked. Dr. Leonard received a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering from Princeton University in 1985. She received the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Maryland’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Department in 1991 and 1994, respectively, with a major in control theory and a minor in communication theory. Dr. Leonard is a MacArthur Fellow and a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. She is a Fellow of the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engineering, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, and International Federation of Automatic Control. She lives in Princeton, NJ with her husband Tim Leonard and their two teenaged daughters: Amara and Lily.

Vikram ManikondaVikram Manikonda 
Vikram Manikonda is President and CEO of Intelligent Automation, Inc (IAI). IAI is a technology innovation company headquartered in Rockville, MD,  that specializes in providing advanced technology solutions and R&D services to federal agencies and corporations throughout the United States and internationally. As IAI’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Dr.  Manikonda is responsible for IAI’s day-to-day-operations, as well as leading the company’s research and product development strategy. Since joining IAI in 1999, he has played an instrumental role in leading and growing IAI’s research and product portfolio and business in the areas of robotics and control, motion description languages, multi-agent systems, modeling and simulation and air traffic management. Prior to 2008 he was Vice President and Director of IAI’s Distributed Intelligent Systems Division. In these roles he served as the principal investigator, and program manager for IAI’s efforts on several large DOD and NASA programs, such as the Future Combats Systems, DARPA’s LANdroids Program and NASA’s Airspace Concept Evaluation System. Dr. Manikonda currently serves as the Chair of the Strategic Advisory Council for Institute for Systems Research at the University of Maryland. He is also the recipient of the NASA team achievement award, and the NASA Space Act Software Release Award for his contributions to the development of the Airspace Concept Evaluation System (ACES); and the Northrop Grumman Certificate of Achievement for Contributions to FCS-LDSS program. He is author of over 40 publications in refereed journals, books and conference proceedings in the area of robotics, multi-agent systems, and nonlinear and intelligent control. Dr. Manikonda received his B.E. degree in electrical engineering from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, India, in 1992, and his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees, both in electrical engineering, from the University of Maryland at College Park, in 1994 and 1997 respectively.

John PooleJohn “Jack” W. Poole, III
John “Jack” W. Poole, III is a Principal at Poole Fire Protection located in Olathe, Kansas. He graduated from the University of Maryland in 1986 with a B.S. degree in fire protection engineering. Mr. Poole is a registered Professional Engineer (PE) in Fire Protection, licensed in 52 states and territories; his expertise includes designing fire suppression and detection systems. He has designed hundreds of fire suppression and fire alarm and detection systems for public and private clients all around the world. Mr. Poole is active in his community, as a volunteer firefighter and Fire Marshal for South Johnson County Fire Department, as well as several leadership positions in professional organizations such as the American Backflow Prevention Association, the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE), several National Fire Protection Association Technical Committees, and the Oklahoma State Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology Advisory Board. The industry has recognized Mr. Poole and Poole Fire Protection for their efforts. In 2009 Poole Fire Protection was awarded the Kansas City 25 Under 25 Award, which recognized 25 outstanding Kansas City businesses with under 25 employees. In 2011 the Society of American Military Engineers awarded Poole Fire Protection with an Honorable Mention for the Small Business of the Year award. This award was presented to the firm for use of innovative technology or management to achieve outstanding results in support of the Army, Navy, and Air Force. In 2014 Seimens presented their inaugural “Engineer Innovation Award” to Poole Fire Protection at the national NFPA Conference, which recognized Poole’s innovative thinking and problem solving in fire and life safety system design. Mr. Poole is married to his wife and business partner Laura. They have two children, Drew (25) and Stephanie (21), both of whom are obtaining Fire Protection Engineering degrees from the University of Maryland.

Thomas SchollThomas H. Scholl
Thomas H. Scholl is a successful entrepreneur, technology innovator and investor. He has been directly involved in more than 40 start-ups with differing roles including founder, chairman, CEO, board member and investor. He is experienced in both hardware and software products – typically created from deep intellectual property. Most recently, Mr. Scholl was venture partner at Novak Biddle Venture Partners in Bethesda, Maryland. As a venture capitalist for more than ten years, he played a pivotal role identifying, investing in and counseling portfolio companies from early stage/seed investment through successful exit. He sat on the boards of Paratek (acquired by RIM/Blackberry), Command Information (acquired by Salient Federal Solutions), Woodwind Communications (acquired by Vina), Vubiquity, Princeton Optronics, and Fiberzone. In 2011 Mr. Scholl was recognized as the venture capital “Friend of the Entrepreneur” by the Washington Business Journal. Mr. Scholl is a graduate of Purdue University in philosophy and literature, and serves as a member of the Dean's Advisory Council of the College of Liberal Arts, receiving Purdue's Distinguished Alumnus Award in 2009. In May 2014, Mr. Scholl received a Honorary Doctorate of Letters from his alma mater. He is a trustee at Stevens Institute of Technology, a past trustee at Capitol College and also serves as the chairman of the Research Enterprise and Technology Commercialization Committee. He is a member of the Board of Trustees at the University of Maryland College Park Foundation and chairman of the Board of Visitors at the A. James Clark School of Engineering. Mr. Scholl has six patents relating to software, the Internet, and digital telephone systems, and he is the author of "Packet Switching" in McGraw Hill's Electronic Communications Handbook. He is a member of IEEE and ACM, and he attended the Executive Management (non-degree) program at MIT's Sloan School. Growing up, Mr. Scholl was an avid Ham radio operator and an Eagle Scout. He has been writing poetry since he was 16. He is married to Susan Hitz Scholl and has two sons, William and Tommy.