These employers have hired students on F-1 visas in the past. 

(in alphabetical order; we include past associated majors, but please note that many of the employers listed hire multiple majors)

Adobe (Computer Science)
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Airgility (Computer Science)
Akuna Capital (Computer Science)
Amazon (Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Robotics, Telecommunications)
Amgen (Chemical Engineering)
Amtrak (Computer Science)
Apple (Electrical and Computer Engineering, Robotics)
Aptagen (Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering)
Aptiv (Robotics)
Arista Networks (Telecommunications)
ASML (Mechanical Engineering)
Atmos Solutions (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Autonomous Therapeutics, Inc. (Robotics)
Bank of America
Biotechnology High Performance Computing Software Applications Institute (BHSAI)
Blackstone (Cybersecurity)
Bowman Consulting (Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering)
Bozzuto Construction Co. (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Brazen (Computer Engineering)
Bytedance (Computer Science)
Children's National Hospital (Robotics)
Cisco (Software Engineering)
Cmind (Software Engineering)
CommonSpirit (Computer Science)
Convergint (Mechanical Engineering)
CORE Engineers Consulting Group (Fire Protection Engineering)
CrowdStrike (Cybersecurity)
CSSi LifeSciences
CyberVillage Networkers (Computer Science)
Cyquent (Software Engineering)
D3I Systems (Robotics)
DaiTechCorp (Project Management)
DataLab USA (Computer Science)
Digital Dream Labs (Robotics)
Dustin Construction, Inc.  (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Easton Robotics (Robotics)
Electronic Arts
Endesco, Inc. (Transportation)
Ernst & Young (Cybersecurity)
Facebook (Computer Science)
FDA (Mechanical Engineering)
fusionSpan (Computer Science)
GEA System North America (Bioengineering)
Genex Systems (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Gilbane Development Company (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Glass Projects Resource (Mechanical Engineering)
Google (Computer Science)
Go Radar (Telecommunications)
GrayMatter Robotics (Robotics)
Harbor Roofing and Contracting (Project Management)
Hitachi Energy (Cybersecurity)
Honda Aircraft Company (Aerospace Engineering)
Humatics (Robotics)
Illumina (Computer Science)
Infineon Technologies (Computer Engineerininteracg)
Interactive TV Works (Computer Science)
Intralox (Mechanical Engineering)
Intuitive (Mechanical Engineering)
John Deere (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab (Electrical Engineering)
June Tailor (Robotics)
Juniper Networks (Telecommunications)
Key Tech (Computer Engineering)
Kick Analytics (Robotics)
Kick Robotics (Robotics)
Knowles (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Kroll (Cybersecurity)
Lam Research (Mechanical Engineering) 
Lend Grow (Software Engineering)
LG Electronics (Robotics)
Linode (Cybersecurity)
Litepoint (Telecommunications)
Loop Mobility Inc. (Software Engineering)
Lucid Motors (Robotics)
McDonough Bolyard Peck (MBP)
MCN Build (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Morgan State University Dept. of Computer Science (Computer Science)
Motorola Solutions (Telecommunications)
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Nasdaq (Cybersecurity)
NCC Group (Cybersecurity)
NEC Laboratories (Electrical Engineering)
Nokia Bell Labs (Robotics, Telecommunications)
Northern Virginia Transportation Commission (NVTC) (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Northrop Grumman (Mechanical Engineering)
Nuro (Mechanical Engineering)
NVIDIA Coporation (Cybersecurity)
Ommo Technologies (Robotics)
Origin Wireless AI (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
PayPal (Software Engineering)
PCTEST Engineering Laboratory (Telecommunications)
Phantom Auto (Robotics)​​​​​​​
Phenom Technology Solutions (Robotics)
Pinterest (Electrical Engineering)
Pixel Scientia Labs (Robotics)
Pollen Mobile (Telecommunications)
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) (Robotics)
Qualcomm (Electrical and Computer Engineering)​​​​​​​
Reality AI (Telecommunications)
Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI) (Telecommunications)
Rivian Automotic (Robotics)
Robert Bosch LLC (Computer Science)
RPM Tech (Electrical Engineering)
Samsung Semiconductor (Telecommunications)
Siefert Associates
Signify (Mechanical Engineering)
Sim Insights (Robotics)
Soft Robotics (Robotics)
Structural Rehabilitation Group (SRG) (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
STV (Project Management)
Summer Consultants (Fire Protection Engineering)
Summit Technology Laboratory (Robotics)
Synopsys (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
TeleTracking (Telecommunications)
Tencent (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Tesla (Civil and Environmental Engineering, Robotics)
Textron Systems (Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering)
ThorDrive (Robotics)
ThreatModeler (Cybersecurity)
Titanicom365 (Telecommunications)
Trillium Technologies (Robotics)
Tuhin Basu & Associates, Inc. (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Twitter (Software Engineering)
University of Maryland - A. James Clark School of Engineering (Computer Science)
V.I. Global Partners (Computer Science)
Vecna Robotics (Robotics)
Verisk Analytics (Robotics)
Vimaan Robotics (Robotics)
WalletHub (Computer Science)
Walmart (Cybersecurity)
Wex (Telecommunications)
WithSecure (Cybersecurity)
WSP USA (Electrical Engineering)​​​​​​​
XCOM Labs (Telecommunications)
Yahoo (Cybersecurity)
Zoox (Robotics)