EPISODE 2: Space Travel

In Maryland Engineering’s latest installment of Ask An Engineer, join University of Maryland (UMD) alum and Keystone Lecturer Jarred Young (’09, M.S. ’13, Ph.D. ’17) along with Lindsay Newman, an undergraduate student majoring in fire protection engineering, to explore the fact, fiction, and inspiration of space travel in sci-fi film, TV, and video games.



EPISODE 1: It's Getting Hot in Here: How Do Fire Sprinklers Really Work?

You might see them every day—in fact, one may be looming over your head right now—but have you ever wondered how fire sprinkler systems actually work? Maybe you’ve seen sprinklers on-screen in TV and film dousing characters, ruining romantic moments, or helping a hero in a tricky situation—but have you ever wondered if that’s what would really happen if a burnt meal triggers the sprinkler in your apartment?

In the first episode, hosted by bioengineer Priscilla Lee (’21, M.Eng. ’22), resident sprinkler expert and Clinical Professor of Fire Protection Engineering Kenneth Isman breaks down the realities of how fire sprinkler systems really work.