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"We’re fortunate to have outstanding faculty and students who are creative in defining problems and creating solutions; staff who implement a supportive environment to sustain the research enterprise; and outstanding collaborators and partners in federal agencies who believe in our abilities and support us through research grants. We are also very fortunate to have local proximity to federal agencies, allowing us to work together when possible. This is part of what makes Maryland Engineering unique: Their experience and interaction with us helps our faculty, students, and staff move technological solutions forward for the nation."

- Samuel Graham, Jr., Dean

Dean Samuel Graham, Jr.'s portrait

In a rapidly warming climate, how do we put carbon emissions on ice?

Funded by a $7.2 million U.S. Department of Energy grant, Maryland Engineering develops "the iPhone of air conditioners"—a smaller, lighter, and more sustainable heating and cooling system. 

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In the fog of war, can robots provide a clear path?

A unique cooperation between the U.S. Army Research Lab, University of Maryland College Park, and University of Maryland Baltimore County advances AI and autonomy to assist soldiers in combat—and nurture more than 100 young innovators along the way. 

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In a worst-case diagnosis, can we engineer new hope for patients?

A globally-renowned surgeon, a National Cancer Institute researcher, and two Maryland Engineers are laying the groundwork for novel therapies, aiming to eradicate brain tumors. 

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Amid a nation of crumbling bridges, how do we rebuild the road ahead?

Maryland Engineering becomes the national lead of the Build America Center, helping federal and local governments efficiently implement the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. 

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To revive an age-old fishing industry, can smart tech bring solutions to the table?

Supported by a $10 million grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Maryland Engineers use underwater robots to build a new "Oyster Navy" and restore shellfish populations in the Chesapeake Bay and nationwide. 

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The stories on this page are borrowed from the fall 2022 issue of Engineering at Maryland magazine. Authors: Maggie Haslam, Chris Carroll. Illustrations: Keith Negley.