Courses offered within the Clark School of Engineering are restricted to students within the major.  However, non-majors are welcome to request a seat in certain courses.  Please be advised that permission to register for engineering courses will be based on seat availability.  Seats are not guaranteed by simply completing the forms below and permission will be given on a case-by-case basis. 

Aerospace 3181 Glenn L. Martin Hall (301) 405-2376 online form
Bioengineering 2330 Kim Engineering Building (301) 405-8268 online form
Chemical & Biomolecular 2113 Chemical & Nuclear Building (301) 405-5888 email
Civil & Environmental 0174 Glenn L. Martin Hall (301) 405-7768 email
Electrical & Computer 2426 A.V. Williams Building (301) 405-3685 online form, Grad students
Fire Protection 3106 J.M. Patterson Building (301) 405-3994 online form
Keystone Program 2106 J.M. Patterson Building (301) 405-3845 online form
Materials Science & Engineering 2135 Chemical & Nuclear Building (301) 405-5989 online form
Mechanical 2186 Glenn L. Martin Hall (301) 405-2199 online form