Academic Peer Coaching

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The Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Support is excited to offer free academic peer coaching for all Clark students. 

Academic Peer Coaches (APCs) are upperclassmen Maryland Engineering students who have been successful in foundational engineering courses.

Our coaches can help you with time management, exam preparation, and study skills. Their goal is to connect you with the resources you need to accomplish your academic goals.

You can meet with an APC virtually on Monday/Tuesday/Thursday and in-person in Glenn L. Martin Hall on Wednesday/Friday every week.

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Rakin Alim


Rakin Alim is from Gaithersburg, Maryland. He completed his associate degree in mechanical engineering from Montgomery College and then transferred to the University of Maryland. He is currently pursuing electrical engineering and he is in his junior year. His favorite courses are ENEE 205 (Electric Circuits), and ENEE 244 (Digital Logic Design). He is interested in FPGA and embedded systems. He will be working as an electrical engineering intern at Research Robotics in the summer. In his free time, he likes to read books, play soccer, and listen to music. He also enjoys watching history-based documentaries and movies. Mentoring students and helping them navigate to success brings him joy.

Kristen Zaranski


Originally from Elkridge, MD, Kristen came to UMD to study Bioengineering. She is currently a senior and is interested in drug and vaccine development. She hopes to enter the field of biotherapeutics and biotechnology. Her favorite classes include BIOE120, BSCI202, BSCI330, BSCI222, and CHEM231. When not serving as an Academic Peer Coach, Kristen loves playing tennis, playing basketball, and spending time with friends and family.

Jessica Boetticher


Originally from Surf City, NJ, Jess came to UMD to study Bioengineering. She currently has a minor in Technology Entrepreneurship and was a part of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Honors College (EIP). She is currently a senior and is interested in working with microfluidics or medical devices. Her favorite classes include ENES102 (Mechanics 1), BIOE457 (Biomedical Instrumentation), and BIOE437 (CAD in Bioengineering). She is also a tutor for the Women in Engineering program for common undergraduate engineering classes. When not serving as an Academic Peer Coach, Jess loves to be active and exercise, read, and spend time with friends.

Oscar Soto


Oscar Soto is a civil engineering student at the University of Maryland following the Geotechnical & Structural Engineering degree track with the goal of becoming a structural engineer. Originally transferring from Montgomery College, Oscar is entering his fifth year studying to become a structural engineer. His favorite classes include ENCE200 Engineering Computation and ENCE305 Fluids. With a strong background in mathematics and physics, Oscar has served as a tutor and mentor for other students for 4 years. Outside of academics, Oscar enjoys playing video games, hanging out with friends, and watching anime.