Nick Webb

Class of 2022
Major: Civil and Environmental Engineering
Minor: Sustainability and Construction Project Management
Hometown:  Clarksville, MD
High School: River Hill High School

What Made You Decide to Attend UMD?
There are many things that made me choose UMD. It offers the benefits of a big school with so many opportunities, majors, minors, and organizations. However, the school also offers so many smaller, tight-knit groups that ensure that you never feel as if you were suddenly dropped off in a large city where you know nobody. One thing that I think is often overlooked, and certainly was by me when I was applying, is how beautiful our campus is. One of the things that I missed the most during the quarantine, was walking around on campus, seeing all the beautiful trees, and the flowers, and the grass, and the beautiful sunsets as I walked back from my clubs and classes.

Best Experience with a Class or Project
One of my favorite experiences in class was in ENCE 215: Engineering for Sustainability. The class covered population growth, stormwater management, renewable and nonrenewable energy, and more. Overall, the class was one of my favorites, and my favorite day in any class at UMD was during ENCE 215 when we toured the natural gas power plant next to campus. We went in with hard hats and ear protection and got led on a tour by a worker who was talking to us through a radio that broadcasted directly to the headphones on our hard hats. Seeing the massive machinery, pipes, and the people behind the plant was so interesting.

Favorite Class
ENCE353: Introduction to Structural Analysis

Favorite Class Out of Major
URSP 250: The Sustainable City: Exploring Opportunities and Challenges

Student Organizations/Extracurricular Activities
Steel Bridge Concrete Canoe Chi Epsilon Gemstone Honors Program Intramural Volleyball

Favorite On-Campus Event
My favorite on-campus event is the annual Engineering Picnic before the first day of class. At this event, engineering clubs and societies show off what they do every year and recruit new members. You also get a really nice shirt! Overall though, the event served as a great catalyst for me to get involved my freshman year. And then in future years, it was a great way to catch up with friends in the clubs that I was now representing and recruiting for.

Favorite Research or Study Abroad Experiences
My favorite research experience has been through the Gemstone honors program. Currently, I am working with an interdisciplinary team of other sophomore undergraduates on Team PRINT under an amazing faculty mentor. The project is done from start to finish by us, starting with our project proposals freshman year up until our senior thesis. Freshman year, we also go to classes with our entire cohort, which served as a great way for me to meet new people. Furthermore, you work with the same team all four years, which helps foster a strong bond between our entire team.

Cool Engineering Experience
My coolest engineering experience so far was during my freshman year at the ASCE Concrete Canoe Regionals. After an entire year of designing our canoe, testing mixes, building our displays, and writing our reports, we were finally ready to attend the competition. Eventually, race day came and we had to put our canoe to the test. And when we finally pushed our 300-pound canoe made almost entirely out of concrete into the reservoir, it floated. Seeing the project finally come together in such a concrete way (pun intended) was euphoric.

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