Jesse Matthews

Class of 2021
Major: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Second Major: Applied Math
Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
High School: Montgomery Blair High School

What Made You Decide to Attend UMD?
I wanted to attend UMD because I wanted to have the experience of a big school like Maryland because of all the sports, clubs, and research opportunities.

Best Experience with a Class or Project
My best experience with a class was designing a biomedical device that could potentially help with weight loss. We chose novel polymeric materials to be used as well.

Favorite Class
CHBE473: Electrochemical Energy Engineering

Favorite Class Out of Major
HONR268Z: Honors Seminar; Catastrophic Animal and Human Disease Outbreaks: What Else Can We Do To Prevent Them?

Student Organizations/Extracurricular Activities
"RISE Leadership Academy University Honors On-Campus Research Puzzle Club Intramural Sports"

Favorite On-Campus Event
I really enjoy Maryland Day because I get to see what's going on in all the other departments on campus and their cool facilities, like the wind tunnel.

Favorite Research or Study Abroad Experiences
My favorite research experience was travelling to Orlando to present my research at the 2019 AICHE annual student poster competition. I met lots of other chemical engineers and gained experience in communicating scientific work.

Cool Engineering Experience
My cool engineering experience was designing an over-sand vehicle in my intro engineering class. We 3D printed a crane arm that could pick up a metal piece.