Andrew Denby

Class of 2021
Major: Aerospace Engineering
Hometown: Dunkirk, MD
High School: Northern High School

What Made You Decide to Attend UMD?
I have lived in Maryland all my life and have wanted to come to UMD for as long as I can remember. Staying in state was a great financial decision and I've always wanted to go to a big school. I watched Maryland basketball growing up and when I found out that I wanted to pursue engineering, it made the decision final since UMD is a great school for engineers.

Best Experience with a Class or Project
In one of my electives, I made an actual, living budget that I can use after graduation taking into account possible starting salaries, deductions, and where I might be living. This course, titled Designing Your Life After College (UNIV362) has given me valuable, tangible deliverables that have me eager and prepared for life after graduating from Maryland.

Favorite Class
ENAE404: Space Flight Dynamics

Favorite Class Out of Major
MUSC205: History of Popular Music

Student Organizations/Extracurricular Activities
I am involved with the Orientation Office, the Student Alumni Leadership Council (SALC), and intramural soccer.

Favorite On-Campus Event
I always love attending Maryland Basketball's Annual Flash Mob game to show my Maryland pride and cheer on the best team in the B1G!

Favorite Research or Study Abroad Experiences
I am not currently involved with any on-campus research, but I am interested in satellite flight, and may pursue this is the future.

Cool Engineering Experience
Designing a truss for one of my engineering classes was a very cool and new experience for me, and I'm glad I got to experience this early on in my college career.

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