The A. James Clark School of Engineering is considered a Limited Enrollment Program (LEP).  Therefore, both internal (on-campus students  not currently majoring in engineering)  and external (non-UMD) transfer students seeking admission to the Clark School must successfully complete a specific set of courses, or "gateway" requirements.  This page is designed to guide students through the internal and external transfer admission process.

Walk-In Advising for Prospective Transfer Students

Transfer Coordinator Walk-In Hours

Transfer Info Sessions

This one hour information session will guide prospective students through the transfer process, give an in-depth explanation of the Clark School's nine majors, and share with you academic, professional, and extra-curricular opportunities at the University of Maryland.Transfer Students' Information Sessions Registration Form.

Contact Information

Prospective Transfer Students:
UA&AS Phone Number: (301) 405-9973
Fax Number: (301) 314-9867

Office Location

1131S Glenn L. Martin Hall
4298 Campus Drive
College Park, MD 20742

Admission Requirements or Criteria

For best consideration both external (outside UMD) and internal transfer (current UMD) students will be admitted to the Clark School, on a space available basis, if they meet the following admission requirements:

A minimum grade point average of 3.0 in all courses taken at the University of Maryland and all other institutions is required for internal and external transfer students.

  • Completion of MATH 141 with minimum grade of B- or better.
  • Completion of PHYS 161 with a minimum grade of B- or better.
  • Completion of either CHEM 135 or CHEM 271 or CHEM 134 with a minimum grade of C- or better.  (Students who take CHEM 134 must also complete CHEM 131 with a C-).
  • Students interested in applying to Bioengineering prior to Spring 2018 must also complete BIOE 120 with a minimum grade of B-.

Limited Enrollment Programs guidelines:

  1. Only one gateway or performance review course may be repeated to earn the required grade and that course may only be repeated once. When more than one course can satisfy a gateway requirement, taking a second course from the list will count as a repeat. (Please note that a grade of "W" is considered an attempt and must be repeated).
  2. Students may apply only once to an LEP.
  3. Students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 after admission to an LEP. Failure to do so will result in dismissal from the major.

Admission Deadlines

Internal: If you have completed the above requirements, complete the online LEP application. The application is due by the 5th business day of the month as follows:

  • Spring semester admission: January
  • Fall semester admission: June

Once you have submitted your application electronically and your application has been reviewed, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions will send you an admission decision via email instructing you of your next steps.

External: Admission to the University of Maryland and admission to the Clark School are two separate processes combined into one application.  For more information about the UMD transfer admission process, please refer to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.  International applicants should also be sure to review the International Applicant Requirements.

Those students who have met all of the gateway requirements listed above will be directly admitted to engineering (on a space availabliity basis).  Students who are admitted to UMD but who have not yet completed the gateway requirements will be offered admission into the Division of Letters & Sciences.

Successful Engineering Education and Development Support (SEEDS) Program

Funded through the National Science Foundation’s STEP Program (DUE # 0969232), the Successful Engineering Education and Development Support (SEEDS) Program offers support to engineering students to succeed.

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