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Helping Students Achieve Their Individual Academic Goals

two studentsThe Clark School provides comprehensive undergraduate and graduate programs to help students achieve their individual academic goals. Our programs produce highly trained graduates capable of:

  • Productive employment as corporate project or research engineers, teachers or researchers in academia, engineering or business managers or even physicians and lawyers
  • Teamwork
  • Effective writing and presentations
  • Entrepreneurial initiatives, whether in start-ups or established companies
  • High ethical standards

To this end we have assembled the full array of engineering academics/departments, a variety of degree paths with full-time and part-time options, innovative research opportunities, cross-disciplinary institutes and highly focused centers from which students may choose. Our programs are further enriched by many corporate and government collaborations in which students may participate.

Undergraduate Programs

The Clark School offers full-time undergraduate programs leading to the Bachelor of Science degree. Programs feature:

  • A challenging freshman-level engineering design course
  • Significant emphasis on teamwork
  • A myriad of opportunities for research, especially in cross-disciplinary projects
  • Involvement with large design projects, some including national and international competitions such as the Solar Decathlon or the American Helicopter Society’s Annual Student Design Competition (which the school has won consistently)
  • Special emphasis on technology entrepreneurship
  • International education and research opportunities and an International Engineering Minor
  • Collaborative programs with the Robert H. Smith School of Business

A host of special initiatives, creating small student communities with special foci, enrich the undergraduate academic experience. Examples include:

Graduate Programs

The Clark School offers a wide variety of full-time Master of Science and Doctoral degrees, and part-time Master of Engineering degrees and Graduate Certificates in Engineering, as provided by specific departments and interdisciplinary programs.

The full-time Master of Science degree is primarily for more research-oriented students, and the part-time Master of Engineering degree is primarily for working engineers, with a more practical flavor. Several departments offer B.S./M.S. programs that lead to a Master of Science degree in five years.

All Clark School doctoral programs are characterized by a very strong research component. For details, see the individual Clark School departments.