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Making An Impact

The Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building is one of many Clark School facilities that provide research and learning opportunities for engineers.

So You Want to be an Astronaut?

Our location and our strong partnerships make the Clark School a great place to get involved in space exploration.



Inventing the Future

Place talented engineers from different disciplines in close contact with one another, and they'll create the powerful insights and innovations needed to take on today's most complex engineering challenges.

That simple but compelling idea is crucial to the future of the Clark School, and of engineering itself.

After all, how can any one engineering discipline provide all the knowledge and tools needed to take on energy, health care, the environment, telecommunications, national security, transportation, product innovation, space exploration-all the complex and inter-related challenges we face today?

Cross-Disciplinary, Experiential, Entrepreneurial

To take on today's challenges, we need engineers who can not only master a traditional discipline such as mechanical or materials engineering, but also form new connections between them, launch initiatives to exploit those connections and collaborate with other engineers and experts from business, the sciences, law, medicine and public policy.

The Clark School is a highly regarded innovator in all these areas:

Cross-Disciplinary Structures
Long-established Clark School institutes, centers and programs unite experts across disciplines and schools to address engineering challenges. Now we have added to these the new Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building, one of the nation's foremost cross-disciplinary engineering facilities.

Beyond the Classroom
The Clark School is a leader in creating exciting and innovative engineering research and practice programs that place students outside the traditional setting, where they both apply what they've learned in the classroom and develop career-launching knowledge, experience and contacts.

Engineering Entrepreneurship
The comprehensive entrepreneurial programs offered through the Clark School's Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute assist students, faculty and business people in launching start-up companies and taking new technologies to market.