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Dr. Darryll PinesAt the Clark School of Engineering we bring together forward-looking people dedicated to creating progress and making the world a better place, including talented undergraduate and graduate students, award-winning faculty, dedicated staff, leading corporate and government partners, supportive alumni and visionary philanthropists.

We work together in eight academic departments, three research institutes, an array of innovative cross-disciplinary programs, major corporate and government labs, nationwide alumni chapters and our sterling Board of Visitors. Together we help to make this diverse and dynamic campus located on the edge of the nation's capitol a place to discover ideas and technologies that will change the world.

Dr. Darryll Pines, Farvardin Professor and Dean
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A Major Force in Engineering

Because of the quality and scope of our work, and our location, we are a major force in the nation's technological advancement, working hand-in-hand with corporate, government and academic colleagues. Our research expenditures—more than $110 million for the most recent fiscal year—indicate our leading role in aerospace, networking technologies, bioengineering, defense and consumer electronics, intelligent transportation, advanced materials, nanotechnology, energy and public safety, to name only a few. If you want to help our country take on difficult challenges—how to explore space, communicate more securely and effectively, develop new treatments for diseases, travel with greater safety, create new energy resources and unlock the potential of the "nano-world"—come to the Clark School.

If you want to build sustainable solutions for specific engineering problems in countries around the globe, work with our award-winning Engineers Without Borders program. If you want to help advance innovative ventures to drive the region's economy, facilitate technology transfer, and promote technology entrepreneurship, work with our Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute. At the Clark School, we're fully engaged—in the region, the nation and the world.

Where Everything Comes Together

Ideas that can change the world have their foundations in specialized knowledge—yet these ideas inevitably rise up to interconnect and become more powerful. As a model for this interconnection, we have constructed the Kim Engineering Building. With nearly 30 state-of-the-art laboratories and a wide range of participating departments, the Kim Building is home to some of the most exciting and innovative interdisciplinary research and educational programs in the nation.

Innovative thinking is well-established at the Clark School and underlies the many "first-of-its-kind" educational programs for which we are well known, including: Hinman Campus Entrepreneurship Opportunities (CEOs), Gemstone, and College Park Scholars, three of our "living and learning" programs;  Inventis: The Academy of Engineering Scholars; QUEST (quality enhancement systems); the "Introduction to Engineering Design" course; Women In Engineering; and a host of programs focusing on undergraduate research opportunities, including ASPIRE (industry-oriented research); and MERIT-BIEN (research internships). We are fiercely committed to undergraduate research, developing a working knowledge of research methods and that sense of possibility that only research can instill.

Change—We Thrive On It

At the Clark School we thrive on change. The school itself has undergone an enormous transformation in the past several years, rising quickly among the ranks of the nation's finest institutions. If you, too, thrive on change, we invite you to browse the above web pages to learn more about us and how you can join in our work. Let's start today to work creatively together to make our world a better place.