The online undergraduate research position application is for current Clark School engineering students and new transfer students to the Clark School.  Applications will be used by Clark School faculty and research scientists to identify students to work on their research projects. Research positions may be structured as either unpaid positions or paid hourly positions. Indicate the hours per week that you are seeking to work by clicking on the appropriate range on the form. The application includes the option for indication of your interest in positions in multiple Departments.

There are check boxes for common research areas and skills associated with positions by Department and there are text boxes for you to add supplemental information on additional skills, significant accomplishments and job experience.  

If you have already prepared a resume or curriculum vitae, you can copy and paste text into the job experience text block.
Need help writing a resume? Look at "Resumes and References" from Engineering Co-op & Career Services.  

You can partially complete the application and save it by clicking “submit” at the bottom of the form and return to it later. When you return, you can selectively update portions of this form and re-submit. At anytime, you can use the reset option at the bottom of the page to clear your entries.

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Faculty and research scientist research position listing. Please go to this site to indicate your interest in specific research positions being advertised by Clark School faculty and research scientists.