The Peter F. Byron Memorial Scholarship was created by EDF Renewables Distributed Solutions, Inc. to honor a dedicated, hardworking, competent, and knowledgeable member of our family. Pete, an expert in his field of electric utility construction, was known to sit quietly when all the talkers were talking. When the time was right, Pete’s comments would be straight to the point and usually prove that the talkers were just that. Pete knew how to get things done the right way. He was generous man with a rough exterior. But once you were in, there was no better teacher, mentor, confidant, and friend. For almost ten years, Pete was a critical element to the operation, deeply respected and valued. Young employees wore it like a badge of honor to be accepted by Pete. You knew you were in when he read you the riot act before confidently explaining how the problem would be solved. Pete came out of retirement after a career in utility contracting to work with groSolar (later renamed EDF Renewables Distributed Solutions, Inc.). A Master Electrician, Pilot, Outdoorsman, Volunteer Youth Basketball Coach, Chef, and Wine Collector, Pete never stopped learning and never missed an opportunity to help others that wanted to learn about Solar PV Technology and Construction.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2021