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Dear Corporate Sponsor;

The Tau Mu chapter of Pi Tau Sigma was chartered at the University of Maryland on April 14, 1956 as the 61st charter of the Pi Tau Sigma Honor Society. The goal of the Tau Mu chapter was in align with the objective of the Pi Tau Sigma of creating a closer bond of fellowship among selected individuals who are striving and achieving in the highest ideals of mechanical engineering. For more than half a century the Tau Mu chapter has taken an active role in promoting excellence in engineering at the University of Maryland.

On the local level, Pi Tau Sigma takes pride in acknowledging the excellence of faculty, staff, and mechanical engineering students. The society is comprised of juniors who are in the top 25% of their class, as well as seniors, who are in the top 33% of the class. Students are invited strictly on an academic basis. The Tau Mu chapter currently has 52 active members. Our honor society provides a way for mechanical engineering students who have achieved a certain academic standard to network with each other. We hold several social and corporate events throughout the semester. The Tau Mu chapter helps volunteer in community and campuswide events such as Maryland day by organizing activities and demonstrations displaying real world engineering applications. In addition to our events, Pi Tau sigma gives out several awards to faculty, staff, and its members who are worthy of recognition for their efforts.

Beginning last semester, we are initiating a campaign to increase the activity of our Tau Mu chapter. It is our desire to make Pi Tau Sigma as useful as possible to the University of Maryland, Pi Tau Sigma members and its initiates. For this reason, your corporate support will be greatly appreciated in its contribution to the continuing success of the Tau Mu chapter. Not only will your corporation become a catalyst for our success, but you will also have the unique opportunity to interact with exceptional students from the University of Maryland at College Park as well as influence the surrounding campus community through our programs.

The Tau Mu chapter of University of Maryland will like to present you with our 2008- 2009 Solicitation Packet. In this packet, we will share our many achievements, awards, and activities planned throughout the academic year. We look forward to your partnership as we endeavor to foster the high ideals of the engineering profession.

Thank you in advance for your support. To contribute to the Tau Mu chapter please see the attached “Donation Form”, for details. If you have any further questions, please contact me via email at ptstaumu@gmail.com.


Alex Mazze
President, Tau Mu Chapter
Pi Tau Sigma
©2017 Pi Tau Sigma Honor Society,  University of Maryland,  College Park

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