Announcement of Scholarships for Spring 2021 

In today’s increasingly global economy, cultural competency is becoming a necessity – not only for those students pursuing humanities degrees, but also for those pursuing  STEM degrees.

The Maya Brin Scholarship in Cultural Competency supports the immersive study of  Russian language, literature, cinema, and culture. This undergraduate scholarship is  made possible through a generous gift to the Russian Program in honor of Maya Brin, a  beloved Russian instructor at the University of Maryland. 

The Russian Department in the School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures invites  applications for two Maya Brin Scholarships in Cultural Competency for Spring 2021 for  $5,000 each. These scholarships are open to all undergraduate students who are  majoring in Russian or considering adding a Russian major. The funds are intended to  support immersive experiences including, but not limited to, residency in the Language  House Russian cluster, study abroad, summer intensive study in the US, or, in the case  of students adding the major, time to complete the additional required coursework.  Students applying for the scholarship must have demonstrated a commitment to  studying Russian at or above the equivalent of RUSS 201. Students who are combining  Russian and a STEM field are strongly encouraged to apply. 

Brin Scholars are expected to present a student project highlighting their area(s) of  expertise at a venue such as Undergraduate Research Day. All recipients will be  expected to make a presentation for the Russian Department, and if the recipient has a  double major, for an audience in that major, as well.  

Engineering majors:

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Other requirements and how to apply:

TO APPLY for the Maya Brin Scholarship in Cultural Competency Please submit the following: ● Letter of application (3 pages maximum) o For current majors in Russian: please explain how you will use the funds to help you achieve cultural competency. o For students not currently majoring in Russian: please explain how achieving cultural competency in Russian will intersect with your current academic path and help you attain your professional goals. Also indicate whether you intend to add a Russian major or minor, and how the scholarship will help you pursue this course of study. ● The names of two references. One of these can be a current or former Russian instructor. Please submit name, position and contact information (email and phone). You do not need to have letters submitted at the time of application. The Committee will contact your references as appropriate. ● Submit your materials as attachments via email to Dr. Cynthia Martin, Deadline: October 30, 2020

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Application deadline:

Friday, October 30, 2020