Inspiring students—inspiring anyone—is a challenge. But right here in the Clark School we have the perfect inspirational tool for our young engineers, and indeed for our professors, staff and corporate and government partners: the A. James Clark School Innovation Hall of Fame.

You may participate in the hall’s traditions by nominating an engineer who deserves to join the ranks of the great—a Joseph Weber, Harry Smith, or Rajiv Laroia.

The criteria are simple. The hall features innovations that have had a positive impact on society, including:

  • A working product, system or design.
  • A comprehensive body of technical work that has advanced the understanding of the engineering profession.

Nominees may be:

  • Clark School alumni
  • Clark School faculty whose innovations were developed primarily at the Clark School
  • Alumni of other University of Maryland schools who have a meaningful relationship with the Clark School.

Give serious thought to those who should be honored, and submit your nomination for this year’s award. This is your chance to provide a new source of inspiration to our students, and honor the great work of colleagues and friends.

To make a nomination, you may either:

Create your own package of materials, and send the package to:

Innovation Hall of Fame Nominations
Office of the Dean, Room 3110C
Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building
A. James Clark School of Engineering
University of Maryland
College Park, Maryland 20742

Or complete and submit the electronic form below.

Nominated By