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Dear Clark School Students, Faculty, Staff and Friends:

Pulse Doppler radar. The universal product code. Flexible coronary artery stents. The Prius hybrid drivetrain. Sirius Satellite Radio.

These wide-ranging technologies, which enhance everyday life for millions of people around the world, are only a few of the many pioneered by Clark School alumni, faculty and friends, and celebrated in the Clark School's Innovation Hall of Fame.

You can share in that celebration! We encourage you to attend:

The 2011 Innovation Hall of Fame Induction
Honoring Michael Pecht
George E. Dieter Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Director, UM Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering

Kim Engineering Building
4:30 p.m.
November 3, 2011

Michael Pecht helped establish the “physics of failure” approach to reliability, a way to anticipate system failure based on root cause knowledge and observed operation. He went on to create reliability prognostics methods, using sensors to gather failure cause information in the design phases of electronic product development, comparing data to expected standards, and improving designs before production to achieve greater reliability. Prognostics methods also were applied in product testing and quality control; later, they were built into devices and systems to detect and predict degradation and remaining useful life in the field. Today, this field is known as Electronics Prognostics and Health Management. Dr. Pecht's work has played a key role in the reliability of aerospace, automotive and computer technologies.

Following the induction, you can learn about the broad impact of Dr. Pecht’s work by attending the Charles and Helen White Symposium on Engineering Innovation, titled:

"Promoting the Health of Electronics"

By attending the Innovation Hall of Fame Induction and the White Symposium, you will gain real insight into technological innovation and innovators, and the vital influence of innovation on society. I hope to see you there.


Darryll Pines
Dean and Farvardin Professor
A. James Clark School of Engineering

Michael Pecht
Michael Pecht

Space Shuttle
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