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The following is a list of online interactive (most of them) resources related to engineering statics, dynamics and mechanics of materials courses. If you have links to some resources you would like to share, please let us know.

We have added a star to highlight sites which have special features.

Full Courses using Multimedia

  • star University of Oklahoma
    has multimdedia (animations, sound, graphics) and Shockwave simulations for
    Statics and Dynamics
    These sites have the most extensive
    use of amimations/simulations to
    cover a full engineering course.




  • star Vector Arithmetic java applet includes subtraction, dot product. There are a number of applets which show vector addition, and subtraction. This one also includes the dot product.
  • Vector Sum--Net Force


Many resources available have been built for physics courses. The University of Oregon Department of Physics has a number of physics applets including:

star Colos. A large volume of resources here, mainly demonstrating physics principles. These demos often display the vectors representing velocity, so the user can see the vectors changing during the simulation. Colos = conceptual learning of science. A number of java applets demonstrating physics principles. For many of the simulations, vectors are displayed in real time. Simulations include:

More Applets:

Syracuse Physics Department Educational Models and Simulations:


Dynamics, continued

Projectile Motion

  • Projectile Motion Graph Shows graph of projectile motion (displayed in actual time), Velocity, Firing Angle and Gravity parameters may be modified. (java applet)
  • Projectile Motion applet shows graph, velocity, angle parameters may be adjusted, includes air resistance capability.
  • 2D Collisions

Mechanics of Materials

  • Mohr's Circle
  • star Efunda Engineering Fundamentals, has online calculators such as
    beam bending. This site requires a subscription (short time free trial). Extensive set of engineering calculators related to beam analysis for various loadings, cross-sections, etc...
  • "Visual Mechanics of Materials" PC program has design worksheets, text and graphics instructional materials. Screen Capture can be downloaded from NEEDS, digital library for engineering education.
  • MDSolids PC Based program companion for textbook Mechanics of Materials (author: Roy Craig, Jr.) published by Wiley.
  • Structural Software Reinforced Concrete column applet


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Text & Graphics

Full Course

University of Nebraska has online text and graphics materials for the following courses

University of Wisconsin physics department has online material for a statics course. Text and Graphics.


  • Stability and Simple Trusses a text and graphics tutorial.
  • Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics
    (book on "this state-of-the-art reference focuses on the power and widespread use of modern computational tools -- e.g., Mathcad, MATLAB, Mathematica, and Maple - for solving the dynamics problems for general time and plotting and visualizing the response."
  • Beam Analysis screen shots of apple based programs called "Dr. Beam and Dr. Stress
  • Engineer's Edge Design engineering and manufacturing online resource
  • Deformable Basketball Net Cool looking basketball net simulation

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