Sankya Parvatrao

Class of 2023
Major: Computer Engineering
Hometown: Hillsborough, MD
High School: Hillsborough High School

What Made You Decide to Attend UMD?
I have always loved big state schools due to its sports games, diverse community, and various academic opportunities. The University of Maryland's competitive, yet supportive academic environment was something that I was very interested in. Besides the academic and social benefits of the engineering program here at UMD for the students themselves, I was enticed by the chance to be an involved member in a community of talented individuals always willing to ignite change for students. In addition, as an out-of-state student the campus environment and culture had always made me feel like I was at home here. Lastly, with the highly ranked engineering school I was excited to be getting a quality education that would set me up for a successful career.

Best Experience with a Class or Project
Collaborating and learning with my team to achieve good communication during the ENES100 OSV project was one of the best experiences I have had with group projects. Since everyone from my team came from different backgrounds, we had to learn how to communicate effectively and split up tasks based on expertise. In my opinion group projects can be challenging since everyone brings a different skill set to the table, however, I really got lucky with the group members that I had! This class really provided the hands-on experience that I was looking for while still being a CE major.

Favorite Class In Major
ENEE205: Electric Circuits

Favorite Class Out of Major
QUEST Classes

Student Organizations/Extracurricular Activities
QUEST Honors Program, Vice President of Community Service for AKPsi, SUSA Technology Committee, Technica Operations Team, Public Relations Chair for UNICEF, FLEXUS (LLC for women engineers), UMD Club Swim, Clark School Ambassador, and Engineers Without Borders.

Favorite On-Campus Event
Being at Football and Basketball games with friends!

Favorite Research or Study Abroad Experiences
I have hopes to study abroad during either my summer or winter terms whilst at UMD!

Cool Engineering Experience
I enjoy being able to apply the skills that I learn in my classes here at the Clark School to my internships and personal projects. Working with various students on the OSV project allowed me to have a more hands-on experience during my freshman year of college. In addition, being able to apply the technical skills that I learned and utilized in my internship this summer to my QUEST Web Development class this semester has been super rewarding.

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