Eric Palmer

Class of 2023
Major: Materials Science and Engineering
Minor: Nanoscale Science and Technology & Technology Entrepreneurship
Hometown: Gaithersburg, MD
High School: Poolesville High School

What Made You Decide to Attend UMD?
The elite engineering program, the endless career and education opportunities, the B1G sports, the massive on campus involvement with the student body, in-state tuition, proximity to DC, extensive alumnus network, close to home but not too close.

Best Experience with a Class or Project
My favorite experience with a class project would be for my scholars colloquium field trip to DC. This trip had me and my team quite literally sightsee all over DC at various popular landmarks and museums and exhibits looking for possible physical and architectural flaws that could lead to potential exclusion for people with disabilities.

Favorite Class In Major
ENMA495: Intro to Polymer Science

Favorite Class Out of Major
ENEE200 Technology and Consequences: Engineering, Ethics, and Humanity

Student Organizations/Extracurricular Activities
Theta Tau
College Park Scholars
Hinman CEOs
Undergraduate Research
Terrapin Works
Society for Hispanic Professional Engineers

Favorite On-Campus Event
My favorite on campus event is easily our basketball games. I'm a huge basketball fan and Mark Turgeon does a great job throwing a really talented team together every year. I think the home games at Xfinity center are absolutely ELECTRIC and there is no other college experience that will fully be able to replicate the feeling that Maryland basketball games bring.

Favorite Research or Study Abroad Experiences
My favorite experience with a project has to be from my undergraduate research opportunity from over the summer. I had the chance to work on one of my passions, environmental sustainability, and tie it to the most interesting part of my major, polymer science, where I worked to develop environmentally-benign plastic films from waste.

Cool Engineering Experience
A cool engineering experience for me would have to pertain to my undergraduate research as well. I remember there was a certain issue we were having with getting constant sizing with all the plastic films we were testing, so I decided to go out and CAD a mold on my own and use the 3D printers on campus to get the part and further develop the project I was working on.

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