Mikaila Esuke

Class of 2023
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Bowie, MD
High School: Bowie High School

Image of Clark Ambassador Mikaila Esuke

What Made You Decide to Attend UMD?
I participated in many programs at the University of Maryland starting from when I was in middle school and the school truly felt like home. So, when I got the chance to apply and then was accepted I was ecstatic (plus I made a deal with my twin sister to become roomies). I love Maryland Dairy ice cream (my favorite flavor is S'mores) and I love the school environment.

Best Experience with a Class or Project
My best experience with a class was mechanics, I truly enjoyed the class content and my professor.

Favorite Class
ENES102: Mechanics

Favorite Class Out of Major
GEMS104: Topics in Science, Technology and Society

Student Organizations/Extracurricular Activities
Flexus Society of Women Engineers, Society of Women in Mechanical Engineering, Engineers Without Borders, Tennis

Favorite On-Campus Event
My favorite on-campus event is Maryland Day. I love seeing all the various clubs, departments, and organizations on campus. The engineering campus has so many fun activities and experiments, such as the fire tornado.

Favorite Research or Study Abroad Experiences
My favorite research experience was studying how virtual realities can help ease the symptoms of veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Cool Engineering Experience
A cool engineering experience I had was 3D printing a mini LED lamp during a Women in Engineering workshop.

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