Jessica Queen | A. James Clark School of Engineering, University of Maryland

Jessica Queen

Class of 2021
Major: Aerospace Engineering
Hometown: Eldersburg, Maryland
High School: Liberty High School

What Made You Decide to Attend UMD?
When I visited for a tour for admitted students, I really liked the feel that the campus had. The students we got to meet were all involved in a wide range of activities and they seemed to really enjoy being Terps. I also got to meet a professor from the aerospace department that was very interesting to talk with. I liked that UMD is so close to a NASA center because that's where I want to work after graduating. There were also opportunities on campus to work on NASA related projects.

Best Experience with a Class or Project
I enjoyed building the OSV in ENES100 my first semester freshman year. I learned a lot about programming, wiring, and using CAD in one semester through this hands on experience.

Favorite Class

Involvements/Extracurricular Activities
My favorite extracurricular activity that I am involved with is the Nearspace Balloon Payload group, which enables students to build small payloads that fly on a weather balloon to altitudes of over 90,000ft. One can then collect data in nearspace conditions.

Favorite On-Campus Event
I really enjoyed attending Maryland Day last year. It was very cool to see all the different organizations on campus and the range of activities there were available. The whole event made it feel as if you were on a fair ground.

Research/Study Abroad Experience
I am involved with the Space Systems Lab with my Gemstone research team. We are getting trained on how to use hand controllers that mimic the ones that are used to navigate spacecraft to operate robotic arms in the lab.

Cool Engineering Experience
The coolest Engineering experience I have had was with the Nearspace Balloon group on a launch. To do a launch, we get up at 3am to drive out to Western Maryland. At the launch site, students help facilitate the preparation of the site and the actual launch. We then track the balloon and "chase" it as it follows the jet stream east. Sometimes the payload string will then land in the woods and we'll have to hike to find it.