Some people like to rank the latest songs or movies in a "top-ten" list.

What if you made a list of the top three inventions in the last 100 years? What would you include? Airplanes? TV remotes? The Internet? DNA testing? Microwave ovens? Artificial hearts?

There's an organization called the National Academy of Engineering that has created just such a list, with interesting information to help you understand how they made their choices. Their web site is called The Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century.

Do you agree with their selections? How do their ideas compare with yours? And what would you imagine as the top inventions for the future?

The Greatest Invention of All: The Engineer?

The important point is that all of these inventions change the way people live, and they all come from the same place—an inventor's imagination. So maybe the greatest invention of all is the engineer: the person who is trained to invent.

What do engineers do? Who can be an engineer? Is engineering fun?

A great way to find out is to try a Clark School one-day introductory workshop or outreach program, such as KEYS or Girl Scout Engineering Saturday, during the school year. Or, if you're getting ready to apply to college, you might find our multi-week summer SAT workshop helpful.

Need more? We also offer a variety of Summer Programs that let you explore engineering over an entire week.

Could you be an engineer?

To get an idea, visit our School Year Workshops and Summer Programs pages. For more information about the various aspects of engineering disciplines, click here.