Engineering Career Services

Introduction to Careers4Engineers and career services resources. Learn the difference between internships and co-ops, and tips to get work experience that employers value before you graduate.

Learn how to write a resume that will make it easy for employers to see why they should hire you. We'll discuss how to organize and highlight your relevant education, experience and skills.

When should you include a cover letter with your application? How can you write letters that show employers you are a great candidate?

How can you prepare to impress in your next interview? We will discuss what to wear, what to bring, and what (not) to say.

Be ready when you receive your first job offer! We'll discuss salary research and negotiation, evaluating multiple job offer, and asking for more time to make a decision.

Bring your resume and your laptop. Get started with LinkedIn, with the help of a peer advisor.

For Ph.D. students: What is the difference between a CV and a resume in the job search? What does each include?

What do employers expect from you at a job fair? We discuss how to prepare for a career fair, what to wear and what to bring. Learn and practice how to approach and engage employers to have the best chance of moving forward in the interview process. This workshop is offered multiple times in the weeks before campus career fairs.

We will review basic job search strategies and terminology, and the process for activating and using our jobs database, Careers4Engineers. Additionally, students will learn the process for enrolling in CPT, discuss some cultural norms of the U.S. work world and learn how to effectively focus job search efforts